Your Choice....

"Making happiness a choice is what it’s all about no matter what your personal or professional circumstances. You can adjust your attitude and elevate your “degree of overall” happiness by choosing to shift your present mindset. When you fully appreciate that the mood you are at this moment affects how you will deal with what’s coming next, you will want to make the choices that will help you to feel better—not worse. That, my friends, is a major key to living a successful, happy life.

Focus on hope, gratitude, and seeing the good during adverse times and you will discover a brighter day regardless of your situation. Remember: When shift happens, your life changes! This year, get your SHIFT together! As always, the choice is yours."

- Steve Rizzo (Keynote motivational speaker, "The Attitude Adjuster")

"If you want to control the direction of your life, you must consistently make good decisions. It’s not what you do once in a while that has an impact on the direction of your life—it’s what you do consistently. Make decisions today about how you are going to live in the years to come. For your decisions to really make a difference in your life it’s imperative to decide what results you’re committed to—and know specifically how these results will transform your life. It’s equally critical to decide what kind of person you’re committed to becoming. Get clear about what you want to be, do and have, and what your life will be like after you accomplish this. With that clarity, you’ll find it becomes easier to make the kinds of decisions that will move you in the direction you desire."

- Anthony Robbins

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