Woof Dog Dopplegangers

FRIDAY... "beware the IDES of MARCH"

William Shakespeare brought us the line "Beware the Ides of March!" in his play, Julius Ceasar. But the Romans had long held the ides (the middle of every month, either the 13th or the 15th) as sacred to the god Jupiter and kept them as legal public holidays. Courts closed, public business ceased, employees and even slaves refrained from work.

SUNDAY... St Paddys Day and the end of Mercury in Retrograde...

Mercury retro in Pisces turns stationary direct Sunday (St. Patrick’s Day). Mercury stands still for three days before slowly moving forward. All that we held off (big purchases, decisions) can move forward now. Slowly and carefully.

ONE of these upcoming days... I will have the new INDIE CITY ENTERTAINMENT website up and running and ready for business. Ive been tinkering with design, branding and text options all week.

YESTERDAY, Kristen and I walked Whitney & Mitchell over to the WOOF DOG BOUTIQUE in Atwater Village yesterday to pick up some Bully sticks for them to chew on. Our Property Management was testing the fire alrms all day and the constant ringing and piercing sounds of fire alarm tests were freaking the puppies out, so we took them out for the day. We were going to go to a coffee shop where I could get some work done, but we needed someting for the digs to keep them occupied. We've been to this tiny little pet shop on Glendale Blvd quite a few times, but never with the pups. The woman who owns the store is always really friendly and never fails to personally express her gratitude for choosing her small business as a place to purchase pet supplies. What made this visit more interesting was that John Legend and his wife and I'm guessing, his in-laws were all there buying a bunch of stuff. I didnt quite recognize him at first, mainly because I was dealing with Whitney & Mitchell and trying to bring them into the store and not BARK at everybody. They actually did quite well. While I was purchasing my two little bully sticks, John Legend walked up to the counter and dropped a few more items onto the pile of stuff they were purchasing. I said "Wow, man, you guys are stocking up." He said "Yeah, we are having a little birthday party today." I said "Right on... Right on." Or "Okay... Okay." Or "Cool-Cool." I can't remember what I said, but it was some little double up response like that. At that point I wasnt really aware that he was John Legend. I dont think the lady who owns the store knew who he was either. I only say that because she was very willing to step away from him and his group to help Kristen and I pick out some bully sticks... and then she let me cut him in line, make my purchase and leave. Then again, they weren qute finished picking out stuff... so I wasnt really cutting. So there. The store owner just didnt seem very star struck... nor did she seem the type to actually know who John Legend is. Of course, she could have been trying to rush me out so she could pay more personal attention to the couple accrueing quite a collection of items up on her counter. That would be the smart thing to do. When I came out of the store, I said to Kristen "Do you know who that was? That was John Legend" She was like "No. I dont think so." As she pointed out a Richard Simmons doppleganger crosssing Glendale Blvd. Like a dressed to the NINES Richard Simmons doppleganger... and actually ALMOST as impressive as the Real John Legend shopping for pet supplies. Anyway, when we got home we googled John Legend and saw a bunch of photos of him and his wife... and BY GOLLY... that WAS John Legend and his wife... and what looked like his in-laws.. at the WOOF DOG BOUTIQUE in Atwater Village. Fun times.

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