Windy Weekend Whip-Around (Monday's Movement)

DAMN it is windy outside right now. High winds are hittin Hollywood right now with a VENGEANCE. Watch out for flying objects (seriously)

HEY.... how was your weekend?

Mine involved a little work, a little play, some house sitting, hot tubbing, dog walking, footage swapping, sniffling and sobbing for a really touching movie, Yankees losing, Yankees winning, pizza, popcorn and the season premiere of MAD MEN. So THERE. Interesting premiere of Mad Men last night. Definitely enjoyable. Kristen is SO mad at Don Draper right now. Whats up with all the changes in hairstyle? Like EVERYBODY, all at once. Some strange company-wide style adjustment... longer hair, sideburns, bigger, bolder beards... everyone except for Don Draper, he was just really really tan. So what happened? Did they jump 5 years? Or did we miss a memo? I would have beefed up my beard had I KNOWN. Aside from all the facial hair, the episode seemed a little disconnected. There were a handful of moments that seemed to come out of nowhere. Like they shot a 3 hour episode and whittled it down... sacrificing a handful or reasonable (and arguably) necessary story points. I still love the show.

Kristen and I watched UNDEFEATED this weekend as well. I dont know if you recall, but one of my favorite shows in the past few years has been FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS on NBC. It was a critics favorite, but didnt get the respect it deserved, probably because it aired on Friday Nights and fewer folks are home watching TV at that time. Anyway, that show would make me cry almost every time I sat and watched it. So then there's UNDEFEATED, "which chronicles the journey an inspiring high school football team in an impoverished part of Memphis, scored the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature -- becoming the first overtly sports-themed documentary since 1996 ("When We Were Kings") and only the fifth ever to take home that award, which dates to 1942."


It was SO good. Really moving.. motivating. I had a lot of tears running down my face with this film. If you are a fan of football, this film is Fantastic, but even if you are not that big of a football, sports fan, its a really heart warming story. I highly recommend it.

Getting set for another shoot day this Friday. It will be Day 2 of a "Tax Law" series that I'm in the middle of producing and directing. We shot Day 1 on March 29th in Beverly Hills and Day 2 will go down at the same location. I'm actually shooting a few scenes for a separate project, the "Law Simulation Tort Series." My publishing client has been sending me more work than usual lately and they are telling me that is much more to come, so I'm excited about that. Bring it on.

Started working on this today. If you are a fan, follower and/or user of TUMBLR, Let's connect over there why dont we? It's a space, very similar to Pinterest in purpose, but requires a lot more management and presentation from the account holder. Pinterest is much simpler and allows people to browse the internet and simply "PIN" and share stuff they come across and deem worthy.

Here is some more good news.... I just got a job offer. Like... just now. I'm not going to say from WHOM, but I've been interviewing with several companies over the past few weeks and my ONE of those companies has finally stepped up and made an offer. VERY much leaning towards TAKING that offer. I'm going to wait a few hours before making my final decision, but right now, I'm feeling a big "First-comeFirst-served" vibe. That's not the only reason I would accept the offer, but suddenly that comes into play.

See you soon.

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