Tuesday, Torrance and Tossing Turds.

Yo, Hows it goin? Happy Tuesday.

I'm about to walk out of here and hit the streets for my little Pre-paid cell phone marketing gig. I spent the day yesterday crusin around Compton and other exotic South Central LA locales. Spent the weekend down in Torrance with the In-Laws...

I actually dont use the term "IN-LAWS" that much because I think its a little unfair since many people tend to make negative connotations when you use that term. My in-laws are more than just in-laws, they're family. I really enjoy sending time with all of them. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have married into such a kind-hearted, loving and caring family. They are as big-hearted as anyone Ive ever known. They are always so good to me and I'm very grateful.

Thats why I dont like calling them in-laws. If there were a bigger better more affectionate term to describe my IN-LAWS, I would use that.

I used to get so mad when my Dad's 2nd wife would call me her step-son.... and I NEVER referred to her as my step-mother. For one, she came into my life when I was 22 years old, I was a a grown man, a college graduate.... I didnt need or want a new Mother.... and she had no part in raising me. Secondly, I couldnt stand her, so the using the term SON or MOTHER in any way to represent our connection was totally inappropriate and to me... downright offensive.

Anyway, Kristen and I took the puppies down to Torrance this weekend. We all went to a wedding reception for her friend Erin in El Segundo. Then we stopped and had dinner at Ortega 120 in Redondo Beach, had some good Mexican food and watched the 4th quarter of the 49ers/Packers game. Then Sunday we hung out at home and watched the Seahawks lose to the Falcons and the Texans lose to the Patriots.

I swear to God if the Patriots go to the Super Bowl this year I'm going to SHIT myself... and start throwing turds at Patriots fans. GO RAVENS!!!

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