Tuesday Morning Mash up.

Tuesday morning.... having my black tea/green tea mash up.

I just caught this Dez Bryant story on Sportscenter....

Dude shoved his MOM? Are you KIDDING me? Some reports say that he actually slapped her and pulled her hair. What a punk. I hope the G-Men break his legs this season so he'll have to depend on his Mom to spoon feed him and change his bed pan. We'll see who he shoving and slapping then. A real man NEVER disrespects his mother. I may not know the whole the story but thats despicable behavior under any circumstances. More reason to hate the Dallas Cowboys. When does the NFL season start? I'm READY!!

Had quite an eventful weekend. Mitchell & Whitney had their surgeries on Saturday. My poor wife had to bring them down to the clinic by herself and hand them over to the technicians. I had to work all day Saturday. Kristen called me crying because she said it was chaotic mess down there and she hated handing over our babies to these folks when she knew they were terrified and visibly shaken by all the dogs that were there... lots of barking and snarling... some dogs were trying to fight off the technicians and escape.... it was juts an ugly scene down there.

But they survived. After about 24 hours of grogginess, Whitney is acting like it never happened. Mitchell has to wear a cone so he doesnt lick his balls and mess up the sutures. He is pretty much ready to hit the ground running as well. We were told that they arent supposed to PLAY or BARK for 14 days. WHO the hell are you kidding? Thats like impossible. Thats ALL these two puppies DO. Bark and Play. Play and Bark.... and pick up random stuff on the ground and chew stuff up.

Saturday I had to work at the Silver Lake Art Craft & Vintage Fair. Colleen and I set up the illy issimo van in the middle of the festival and passed out free samples of coffee. Colleen is one of my best Brand Ambassadors, as well as one of my best sister-in-laws. So we worked this event together, in the scorching heat. The day had its ups and downs. Colleen got the better part of the deal because she got to sample from inside the van, out of the sun.

The best part of the day was I was able to trade off some free samples for some Food Truck cultivations. I started out by trading a few cans of "Caffe No Sugar" for "Aunt Mimi's Chicken N Waffles," one of the specialties from the Trailer Park Truk.Which is basically a piece of fried chicken, wrapped in a waffle, drizzled and drazzled in maple syrup. Oh my GOD that shit was good. I basically INHALED Aunt Mimi put myself in a momentary food coma.


It was so freakin good. Magnificently messy N amazingly tasty. I dripped maple syrup all over the place. Had to spend a god half hour cleaning up after myself.

Sunday we spent the day with Erin, Dan, Jessica and Vince at Hollywood Park. I bet on a few races. I should say I blew some cash on a few races.

Now its back to business.....

"All that live must die, passing through nature to eternity." William Shakespeare

I found that quote last week and I was instantly drawn to it... as a tag line or log line...  for Trails of Gray. I love that it's a quote from William Shakespeare.

We are headed back up to the "Trails" tomorrow to get a few more inserts and close ups and what not. Then we will head over to Thousand Oaks for a couple more quick shots. The I think we will be 98% wrapped on principal photography.

I'm really looking fwd to getting the music together and giving this thing some life. Ive changed a few things on the front and back end of the script and the final moment in this movie is going to be a little different than originally planned. I was hit by a few new ideas and based on the footage that we've come up with so far, I thought a slight adjustment to the journey would work well and better resonate with the audience. I dont want to give anything away, but my inspiration is based on the current footage as well as the concept of a a quirky little website I came across last year 


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