trudging across the desert

Good news. More production work.

I was a little worried that things might be going dry. Like... trudging across the desert for 5 weeks kind of dry. Especially after the most recent projects took so long to finish and since we are looking down the barrel of the holidays... which are usually a freelancers nighmare... that it might be a while til I get more work from my Law Materials publishing client.

So yeah... good news. They hit me up with a new project and hinted that there mght be a 2nd project comin around before the end of November.

Based on our correspondence this week.... I'm looking for some advice on how to bill this client for script-writing. They want me to write a few 2-3 minute scripts based on Tort Law scenarios. I may or may not have to farm it out or hire someone to consult. I reached out to a handful of friends and confidants for thoughts or suggestions. I need to figure how to bill this client for writing specs and/or completing 5 or 6 three-minute scripts. I have produced a bunch of stuff for them and would be producing and directing these as well.... but this is the first time they've asked me to officially write for them... even though Ive doctored and successfully repaired MANY of their scripts in the past... still.... I have no clue.


Watched a movie last night called MEEK'S CUTOFF (

"In 1845, a small band of settlers traveling across the Oregon High Desert suspect their guide, Stephen Meek, may not actually know where he is going. What was supposed to be a two-week journey stretches into five. With no relief in sight, tensions rise as water becomes increasingly scarce and supplies run low. The wives look on as the husbands discuss what to do, unable to participate in the decision making. The dynamics of power begins to shift when they capture a lone Indian and hold him captive so he may lead them to water. Questions plague the settlers as they press on with dwindling resources: Should they trust Meek? Will the Indian lead them to water or a trap? Are there others following them? How much longer can they survive?

Not bad. Not Bad. It was pretty good. Directed by Kelly Reichardt. Had a very Terrence Malick feel to it. Lots of great wide shots of the Oregon Desert. Very interesting juxtapostion of characters. This movie is SLOW... so if you watch it... be prepared for that. When its done... you definitely feel like youve been trudging across the desert for 5 weeks. 

I'd put my money on the Indian.


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