Tough times. Good signs

Whitney took a playful nip at my nose this morning. I never thought I'd be so happy to have her reach up and bite my nose. She has always been playful like that, even though sometimes she would bite a little too hard. A nip on the nose is signature move, her ultimate sign of friendship and approval.

This morning she rolled over and exposed her underside, offering me the opportunity to rub her tummy. When I leaned in close to tell her how cute she was, she leaned up and gently put her teeth on the end of my nose. Made me tear up a little bit.

Whitney was attacked my two dogs on Friday that were roaming around without a leash. The owner lives in our apartment complex and she seems to think its safe for her big dogs to play in the park across the street with no restraints.

Anyway, Whitney, Mitchell and I were all the victims of a double dog attack on Friday. Whitney has 3 broken ribs, I had to get stitches in my hand, Mitchell managed to escape the incident without physical injuries, but he is definitely emotionally scarred, as we all are. The entire experience has been incredibly upsetting, frustrating and exhausting, to say the least.

Id love to give you a step by step account of what happened. I've already started writing it out... as part of my own personal therapy... but I'm not sure if and/or when I should share. For some obvious technical and legal reasons, but also for personal reasons. The emotions you go through when you experience something like this are hard to prepare for. We both have a lot of anger, sadness and guilt. This is a lot harder than I ever expected. Not that I ever expected something like this to happen, but I always knew it was out there.

So we are trying to work through it. Get it resolved... and nurse Whitney back to health.

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