Time Lapse Tuesday

Playing around with Final Cut Pro and a Time lapse App on my Samsung S4.....

Time Lapse Tuesday Render 6 FCP from James Huffman on Vimeo.

I added the MP4 rendered from the app to FCP timeline and dropped in some titles and cross dissolve. Slowly teaching myself to use FCP. The "Lapse it Pro" app is kind of a fail. It keeps crashing in the middle of a time lapse capture. It works sometimes but when I set the camera up, shooting some cool sunset or cloud formation off of my patio and leave it out there for a few hours (it takes like 3 hours of time to shoot 30-45 seconds of time lapse footage), the app tends to shut down and only capture about 5 seconds of footage. It works SOMETIMES but not very reliable. And YES, I'm putting my phone on "Airplane" mode. Still crashes way too often.

Not sure where that glitchy green static stuff came from at the end either... like I said, I'm juts playing around here. Work in progress.

I'd love to shoot more time-lapse stuff. Its a really cool effect and a visual treat even when your shooting basic stuff.... it's becoming a little OVER done since nowadays you see time-lapse EVERYWHERE in every program from sports to news to Breaking Bad.... but I still think its cool.

The music I used in this clip is the first 15 seconds from the song "Hope and Despair" by a band called PANAMA.


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