THE RIVER, a video by Leon Bridges and Miles Jay

I've started watching a bunch of "Staff Picks" on Vimeo and Ive been pleasantly surprised. So I'll be popping off from time to time about cool stuff I find there.

So.... Here I go-


THE RIVER by Leon Bridges

Writer & Director: Miles Jay 
Production: Smuggler & opc 
Exec Producer: Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody, Harland Weiss, Allison Kunzman, Donovan Boden, Liz Dussault, Geoff McLean 
Producer: Dennis Beier 
Cinematography: Chayse Irvin 
Production Design: Jade Healy & Erika Lobko 
Editor: Ben Jordan - Work Editorial 
Color: Tom Poole - Company 3 
Post: Steve Mottershead - Artjail 
Sound Design: Stefano - Heard City 
Video Commissioner: Saul Levitz 
Columbia Records

I LOVE this...  powerful... poignant... perfect.

(I'm also becoming a big fan of Leon Bridges. Check him out)


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