The Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival

This weekend will be a first for me.

"A Wake" a short film that I directed will make it's BIG SCREEN debut at the Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival, on Sunday, June 28th, at 4pm.

"A Wake" was written by my friend Josh Spiegel. We co produced it and I brought in Cinematographer Wes Greeson to add his talents to the project. I've worked with Wes for years on dozens of corporate and educational projects. The film is a story about a group of friends who, after their buddy tragically takes his own life, decide to dabble in a little dark magic to resurrect him for one last night together. It's a dark comedy with a really talented cast of actors. "A Wake" stars Chris Costanzo, Josh Spiegel, Sam Jones, Eric Barnard and Nathan Caron.

This will mark the first time anything Ive directed has been in a festival. So I'll be making my festival directorial debut. Cool, right? I wish I could be there to stand on stage and act all smug and cocky during the Q&A... but unfortunately... I can't. 

NO MOM... I would not act smug and cocky. I would be humble and pleasant. I am truly grateful to have enjoyed the experience of working on this with Josh, Wes and the rest of the cast and crew. I 'm also grateful for the opportunity to have my work shown at this event... at ANY event.

SO... If you are in the Pittsburgh area on Sunday and you are looking for something to do... you can check out the Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival and support independent film. You can get your tickets here!


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