The New Jersey Nation and Filmmakers Motivation

Saturday morning.

Happy to see people are getting their power back in New York and New Jersey. Hard to see all those photos of the destruction on the Jersey Shore. For me and many of my friends from that area... thats the Jersey Shore we grew up with. Summers down at Seaside Heights? Unbelievable to see whats happened there. Really sad. 

They will rebuild... and bring a bigger, better, stronger Jersey Shore to life... and hopefully this whole experience will bring those communities together.

Hang in there folks.

You know what I'd like to see? All those "Jersey Shore" clowns doing something to help raise money for recovery of that region. Those idiots have made so much money as unauthorized representatives of Seaside Heights, promoting negative stereotypes and all thats gawdy and ridiculous about themselves and that city (None of them are even FROM New Jersey BTW). So now that the Jersey Shore needs some serious assistance... they should out there giving back to the community. At least pull together some sort of press conference and write a big fat check to the recovery effort....


As I'm writing that I decided to do some quick googling to see if I was being premature in my criticism. And YES, I was...I still hate that show and think they are all total morons but MTV and The Jersey Shore has in fact, made an effort to reach out to the public and do their part in helping with the recovery...

HuffPost TV: 'Jersey Shore' Encourages Viewers To Donate To Seaside Heights' Hurricane Sandy Recovery (VIDEO)

That being said.... lets talk about something else...

I came across a few interesting things I thought I'd share. Found some cool stuff this week on the internet as far as filmmaking articles and informational/educational nuggets.

I'm always digging for nuggets... Jim Jarmusch’s Golden Rules (of filmmaking)

The Hollywood Reporter: Denzel Washington on the Bible, Tony Scott and the Dangers of Success

And this one comes in 10 parts... "5 Lessons from Ten Great Filmmakers" is a series of short interviews/pep talks from critically acclaimed filmmakers from all over the world. I really enjoyed these. Thank you FANDOR.COM.

Five Lessons from Ten Great Filmmakers: Luis Buñuel

Five Lessons from Ten Great Filmmakers: Chantal Akerman

Five Lessons (plus One) from Ten Great Filmmakers: Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet

Five Lessons from Ten Great Filmmakers: Hou Hsiao-hsien

Five Lessons from Ten Great Filmmakers: Jacques Rivette

Ok, so thats only 5. I can't find the other 5 so I'm assuming those have yet to be published. And on that note...

It's Saturday folks.... I got stuff to do.

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