The morning of Day 4

Kristen and I started our 4-5 day juice fast on Monday morning. This morning we are on Day 4. We had nothing but fresh juices. We've used our new juicer and Ive been grabbing something at Whole Foods Market or some other quirky juicery while out at work during the day.

I feel great.

Kristen... not so much.

I've had a ton of energy all week. Yes, Ive been hungry, at times, but nothing I couldnt handle. Mind over matter. I just keep telling myself that I'm doing a great thing for my body and that the hunger is just a small sacrifice for the cleanse and purification. Plus, its only for a few days. I'm not gojng crazy and juicing for a month. Not that theres anything wrong with that, I'll enjoy some good food this weekend.

Frankly, Ive been kind of surprised at how good I feel. I thought I might have vitality or energy issues as the week wore on, but nope, I have plenty of energy. I feel damn good. The fact that Ive been so busy this week with a new gig has been really helpful too. I've been out all day visiting crappy little cell phone stores in LA's trashiest neighborhoods, so Ive been pretty occupied. Less time to think about how hungry I am.

Kristen has been struggling a little bit. She says that she feels like she is starving herself and has very little energy. I told her that we could quit anytime if our little experiment is making her miserable, but she wants to stick it out. I'm sure our contrasting conditions is making her experience a little more frustrating.

We are like the Tortoise and the Hare around here right now.

We watched SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK last night. I got a screener from SAG in the mail a couple of days ago. We both really enjoyed it.

Bradley Cooper was great. Jennifer Lawrence was fantastic. Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver were great as the parents too. I loved how they created this frenetic pace that really forced you to FEEL the energy of a not only one protagonist suffering from bi-polar disorder, but an entire family's.... an entire NEIGHBORHOOD'S experience with mental illness.

NFC East football fans would appreciate this one too. I swear, half the things that come out of Robert De Niros's mouth in this movie are, verbatim, conversations that Ive had Kristen. Only De Niro is talking about the Eagles and I'm talking about the Giants.

Ok, gotta go. Have an appointment with BU BU'S VIDEO on 7th Street.

Wish me Luck (I get to go to Compton next week)

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