"The Evidence Project" Wraps

Ladies and Gentemen... The cast and crew from "The Evidence Project:"

We had a great shoot last weekend. It was the first of what I hope to be many opportuntiies to shoot in my newly acquired court room set. I've sent out many thanks already, but I have to say "Thanks" again to everyone involved. That's me (on slate), but I'm not actually THANKING myelf... I WOULD like to thank... From L to R... David Saucedo, Alex White, Jonte LeGras, Judge Diana Hart (not a real judge), Bailiff Paul Brunel (Not a real bailiff), Cinematographer Kingsley Opara, Katharine Jameson, Cinematographer Alex Watson, Jailene Arias, Kellie Dantzler and Ana De La Cruz. I also need to thank NON pictured supporting players Vince Freeman (Sound #2), Karen Wright, Brian Cashen, Edwin Ford, Ray Chao and Yolanda Bernal. To the entire cast and crew, Thank you. I'm so grateful for your professionalism and positivity. And last but never ever least my incredibly helpful and supportive wife, my ever patient PA/Kick Ass Crafty/Queen of the Land ...Kristen Huffman. I love you.

Court is adjourned. Have a great weekend.

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