"The Cyber Hug DELUXE.”

Ok, created a new PERK for the indiegogo campaign....

$15 gets you the “Cyber Hug,” but TWENTY bucks gets the the “Cyber Hug DELUXE.”

You'll get a personal thank-you on Twitter and Facebook, as well as a mention on my website. Next time I see you, I will give you a hug. Seriously. I'm good for it. We could all use an extra hug now and then. Plus you will go to bed tonight knowing you support the arts and may have just secured your spot in the hall of fame.

I have to send out a BIG Thank you to all those who contributed over the past few days. Ever since I created the “Five Dollar Fist Bump,” I have had more page visits and a ew REALLY cool contributions to the project.

Thank you Jeff Tarleton, Ridgewood High School Alum, all around good guy and party chum.

Thank you JENNIFER CREWS CUSACK, one of my dearest and closest friends. Congrats on having your second baby. Thank again... SO much for helping me make this happen.

Thank you Damian Sugrue. He and I lived on the same floor of the Larned Hall dormitory (Pronounced LAAAH-nid) at Framingham State College. He is now the Principal the principal of the Luther Conant School in Acton, MA.

Thank you Chris Macrina, my first ROOMMATE at Framingham State College. He and his fiancee Josette Puig made a contribution yesterday. Josette is the author of "Frumpy To Fabulous: One Change a Week To a Healthier You!" The book is now available in the Kindle Store or through her website www.getjosette.com/en/books

And THANK YOU Keryn Norton Mathas. Keryn and I go all the way back to ELEMENTARY school. She was also my all time first official DATE. We were like.... ten years old. We went to Friendly’s in Downtown Ridgewood. The French Fries were EXCELLENT.

There are 28 Days Left before the indiegogo campaign comes to a close. We start shooting in a couple of weeks. My buddy Josh Spiegel will be editing. Happy to have his magic touch on this project. He is working on our wedding video right now. Excited to see that.

Gotta go. Gonna be HOT in LA today. I have a TON of work to do and a BUNCH of Ready To Drink illy issimo COFFEE to giveaway.

HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN for Trails of Gray.... By the way....


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