THAT Kind of Cul De Sac


Hello brand spanking new week.

How about that GIANTS game yesterday? I think they took a few years off of my life. That's what I think. That was a KICK ASS fourth quarter comeback... I mean I loved it. I was pumped... but do we have to continue to do that? Do the Giants really have to fumble and fudge the whole game until they've only got 5 minutes left to play? Makes me CRAZY sometimes.

So FRIDAY... this past Friday... we knocked out another day of shooting form my latest Corporate/industrial/educational video project "A Day in the Life: Property Series." I definitely had my share of challenges, but I'm happy to say we are roughly 3/4 of the way done.

I actually made an appearance in the one. I had an actor send me an email 24 hours before he was supposed to shoot telling me that he broke his ankle. Now I dont mean to be cynical, but seriously? the DAY before my shoot and you BREAK your ankle? How the F%%% does someone go out and break their ankle on a THURSDAY??? One a THURSDAY afternoon before my shoot? You gotta be kidding me. So I'm screwed. I have no time to find somebody else and I need to find a replacement ASAP. There's no way. So I pick up the script and start memorizing lines. F%% it... I'll do it.

So the next morning. I get up at 5AM to get an extra hour to an hour and a half of memorizing in. We all met at the location at 7AM and the location just wasnt right. So there I was trying to soak in the script and looking to make a last minute move with the cast and crew. This was the guerrilla filmmaking segment of the day. I had been looking for the right place to roll in and get our shots and I thought I had found it. I had 2 scenes to shoot that were supposed to take place in front of an old dilapidated building that could be considered a historical building in a neighborhood that used to the pride of the province and is now a beacon of bad luck in a broken down borough. There were some obvious choices in Downtown LA, but there are major productions going on Downtown almost every day and it's really hard for ANYBODY to just slip i their unnoticed, set up a couple of cameras and start shooting. I wasnt about to fork up a bunch of money for permits and permissions so my plan was to find good run down spot, show up, stick and move.

So location A turned out to be too busy and too noisy at 7AM. I had been there a few times to scout the spot but I underestimated the noise and traffic factor. There was a stop sign right at the corner where we wanted to shoot so we would have cars pulling to a stop and staring at us every 2 minutes and that just wasn't going to work.

I took us about a mile away to a spot at the dead end of a street in an industrial sector. NO, there was no dilapidated historical building.... but there WAS a lovely assortment of unkempt sidewalks (dry grass, dirt and weeds) with burnt out spare tires, barbed wire fences, broken glass and best of all.... used CONDOMS.

Yes... it was THAT kind of cul de sac.

Aside from the fact that this SET was already impeccably dressed, it was desolate enough to allow us to work in peace and get our shots. We DID have to deal with the occasional truck passing through, but the common foot a vehicular traffic was nothing like we were seeing at the other spot.

So we did it there. The entire cast and crew were patient, productive and positive the whole time. Those guys and girls are amazing. Thats why I keep working with the same folks... because they are awesome. Its hard to find a crew that works well together and enjoy being around each other. So when you have that, you do whatever it takes to keep it in tact.

Anyway, we knocked out 2 scenes at the end of that crack attack cul de sac and moved over to Location B...

I gotta go.... so I'll tell you about Location B later.


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