Sunday at the Seashore

Post Easter Wednesday... very busy juggling multiple projects... personal and professional projects....

Sunday celebrated Easter and Family time with a nice buffet brunch, Terranea Style. The Huffmans, Haryungs, Mangolds and Bryants all huddled around one big table down in Palos Verdes... and we stuffed ourselves with everything from shellfish to sausages to cinnamon roles.... all while overlooking the ocean. It was lovely.

I'm a very lucky man to have my wife, who I love with all my heart and soul, and her parents and little sister Colleen as my cherished family. They all mean the world to me and I love spending tie with them and their circle of friends, all of whom have welcomed me with open arms. Days like that also make me miss my other family. My Mother, My father, My Brother and is wife, are all scattered across the country and the world. I dont get to see them that often... and often, on days like Easter, it hurts. I miss them all terribly and wish we could have the same sort of closeness that I'm able to enjoy through my in-laws. Fortunately we'll be able to all get together in North Carolina this Summer, but that just seems like a drop in the bucket compared to other families.

A few Easter Sunday shots from the seashore....

Easter Sunday at the Seashore

The Huffmans, Haryungs, Mangolds and Bryants pose for a family shot after brunch, Terranea style.

Easter Sunday at the Seashore: sneaky Larry

Larry got caught sneaking off to have a smoke.

Easter at Terranea. Kristen and Me.

(My Mother will like this one)

Easter Sunday at the Seashore: Shanagins

(My Mother will hate this one)

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