Stills from"Tax Law"

A few production stiils frome the recent "Tax Law" project that I produced and directed for Wolters Kluwer Law & Business....

Delpaneaux Wills  from the

Delpaneaux Wills shines as a high level compliance officer in Episode 8: "Recreational Recourse" Produced for Wolters Kluwer Law & Business by indie city entertainment. Directed by James Huffman.

Kristina Johnson from the

Kristina Johnson kicks butt as Attorney Jennifer Moore in Episode 7: "Borselli's Debt."

Indie City Production Stills:

Julianna Bolles-Morrison and Raj Jawa talk taxes in Episode 2: "Midcoast makes Good"

Indie City Production Stills:

Cinematographer Wes Greeson and I mull over the camera moves while actor Gill Hellmund eavesdrops.


PJ Evans plays "Daniel Murphy Jr," as he preps for a meeting with a potential client

Karen Wright in

Karen Wright was great to have on set. She was a lot of fun.

Karen Wright keepin it real in

Karen Wright, keepin it real.

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