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Producing and Directing two separate projects right now. Many roles have been filled. Some have been cast and recently vacated... mostly due to scheduling difficulties. A handful of roles havent even been touched. Today, I'm trying to get all the poking, prodding and touching out of the way and get my cast up to speed and ready to roll...

I modified and added new projects to LA Casting this morning...

The new LAW SIMULATION SERIES was modified. I added the role of NIGELLA SAUNDERS...

Nigella Saunders is a partner in a British corporate law firm. She is a tough business woman, polished but not stuffy. In dealing with some troubling tax issues, she has decided on a necessary course of action, but a colleague's point of view is sure to shake up her strategy. Please indicate in your notes if you are a native Brit.

I've lost 2 actresses due to shifts in shooting schedule and overall scheduling conflicts and I have auditioned a handful of American women who felt pretty good about their believable British accent... which has brought back to square one... searching for an authentic, native Brit who can play a polished attorney. Wish me luck.

AND... the newly created breakdown for THE EVIDENCE PROJECT....

Indie City Entertainment is now casting for “The Evidence Project” an educational/industrial film in the form of a courtroom drama.

Ive filled a few of the key roles in this one because I wanted to bring in a bunch of actors who I know ad trust. I'm excited about this one because its a little different than the past conference room, single office scenarios. This whole script takes place in a courtroom and deals with some dramatic subject matter. There's a battered wife, an abusive husband, their 14 year old daughter, some shady neighbors, an ER physician and a rookie cop. Should make for some riveting work. I'm hoping.

Still looking to cast....

Nancy Smith (vignette 1-5), F, 40-45, any ethnicity. Proud woman, wife and mother. Claims she was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her husband Sid. She testifies through 5 two-page scenes.

Kathy Smith (vignette 23), F, 13-16, Nancy’s 14 yr old daughter, nervous and sad about what’s happening to her family. She doesn’t want to do anything to hurt her father but she wants to answer all the questions correctly. She answers questions regarding an incident when her Father threw a bottle of beer against the wall in the house during an argument.

Mack (The Neighbor) Mack is Vera’s husband (Vera also testifies). He is a friend and neighbor to Nancy (battered wife) and Sid (abusive husband), a little rough around the edges, not sure whose side he is on. Turns out later that he has a a few priors.

Sid Smith, Male, 35-45. any ethnicity (Have to match with wife & daughter or vice versa) Sid is standing trial for domestic assault. This guy could be the obvious type, or stereotypical, a rough neck wife beater. OR, he could be a man that you would NEVER guess to be abusive. I could go either way. The best actor will make the call. Regardless of portrayal, I want to see shades of his dark side, however subtle and discreet they may be.

If you are an actor or actress and want to submit for any of these roles, please send an email with a link to one fo your casting profiles and any clips or reels online to


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