Songs from Space and the Pennant Race.



What the HELL does that mean? Where did it come from? People say it and I don't know why.

Crucial game 3 tonight in Motor City. Yanks are down two games to none. It's isnt pretty. Yankees bats have gone stone cold.... and it's gettin old. Yankees can't win if the Yankees can't HIT. It's bullshit.... bullshit.

(I think I just wrote a little song)

But HEY... how about those NEW YORK Football GIANTS?? Seriously slapping the SH%% out the 49ers on Sunday. That was unquestionably Awesome. The Giants are now holding first place in the NFC East all by themselves after the Eagles and the Cowboys both lost this weekend. Na-Na Na Na-Na Naaaaaaa.

(Could be another song)

I had an interesting gig on Friday night. The same agency that hired me recently to be a driver/brand ambassador for the Hyundai Equus called me last Wednesday and booked me for an event staff/security job at the Toyota Tundra Endeavour towing party in Inglewood. I was part of a team of security "associates" that checked press credentials as well as greeted and wrangled VIP guests. The event was pretty cool. I was able to watch the crowds gather, The Endeavour film crew was there. They were shooting a commercial based on the entire event. That event being the TOWING of the Space Shuttle Endeavour by the Toyota Tundra for about a half mile on West Manchester Boulevard and ACROSS the 405. So there was a HUGE film crew there to not only document the whole thing, but shoot some sort of commercial for the Tundra. Luke Wilson ws there. He snuck in through a barricade that I was supposed to be watching. He didnt have any credentials but I was like... "Hey... it's Luke Wilson... he doesnt need credentials." But a bunch of guys rushed up on him and his assistant shouting and telling him to stop. I was like "But YO... it's LUKE WILSON! No need to yell."  

They eventually let Luke and "Turtle" walk through, where they were both greeted by a bunch of production people and handlers. Anyway, be on the lookout for some sort of Toyota Tundra commercial that involves Luke Wilson and the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

I was pretty busy all night checking press credentials and harassing party crashers but I managed to take a few pics throughout the day. I also got a little video of the moment when they FINALLY towd the Endeavour down the street. The security crew and I clocked in around 1PM. People started showing up to see the circus around 3PM. The Endeavour started rolling at midnight.

It was a long day... but worth the pay. USA.... USA....

(Song? Maybe?)

Randys Donuts, Inglewood, CA

Endeavour security at Randys Donuts

Pre-Endeavour Police Protection

Luke Wilson is in the picture. Seriously.

(Luke Wilson is in this picture.... seriously.)

more Endeavour Orange

The Endeavour Film Crew setting up a shot

The Endeavour Film Crew setting up a shot.

Endeavour Police Pre-Party

The Endeavour Police Pre-Party (Of course it involves donuts)

The Endeavor Crowd Awaits

The Crowds gathered....

Taking the Shuttle to Randys

The ENDEAVOUR arrives... finally.

The Endeavour and I

"The Endeavour and I"

(I think I'm sensing another SONG!)

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