Somebody is thirsty.

Its the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, 2012. Lotta T's in that sentence!

And its Day 7 of "Korean Pop Star Does the AMA's, 2012." I'm sitting at Whole Foods in Beverly Hills, waiting for him t call me to tell me where he wants to go today and when he wants to be picked up. He is staying ta a hotel around he corner.

I just inhaled a big bacon, eg & cheese croissant from the hot food bar at Whole Foods. I shouldnt be eating like that 2 days before the BIGGEST MEAL OF THE YEAR. But hey, I was hungry and that bacon, egg & cheese looked badass... so I bought it. I also bought a little batch of baby carrots. Baby carrots make it all better. Seriously. If you feel like you juts HAVE to eat something fatty, greasy or unhealthy, juts follow it up with a handful of baby carrots... or regular carrots. The carrots not only help you digest that brick in your belly, they also help clean the teeth and they just make you feel a tiny bit better about eating something greasy and gluttoness. Try it. I highly recommend it.

So I was down at the American Music Awards on Sunday, assisting a certain Korean Pop Star with his red carpet arrival. He had plenty of staff helping him hustle around and get to rehearsal and all that. I just drove the car. All the cars with "Talent" are required to loop around the block, following a designated route that takes each performer or VIP guest up to the red carpet drop off. So we looped around and rolled up and then the Korean Pop Stars assistant told everyone to stay put while he got out and and quickly scouted the situation and got a run down on where he was supposed to go and what he was supposed to do once he exited the vehicle. So for a couple minutes, it was just the Korean Pop Star and myself, hanging out in the car. I could tell the dude was a little nervous. He had been uptight all day. Snapping at everyone around him. 30 seconds before he got out of the car looked up in the front seat and then looked at me....

"Is that water?" he asked
"Yeah. It's mine. I already drank half of it."
"I don't care, GIve it to me."
"Yes. Give it to me."

I shrugged and handed him my half empty (or Half FULL) bottle of water. He grabbed it out of my hands, twisted off the cap and chugged it down. The assistant walked over and opened the door for him. He tossed the empty bottle on the seat next to him and stepped out. I watched him move into the fracas and get swallowed up by the crowd of hosts, handlers and photographers.... my cue to roll out.... as indicated by the huge security guard who was standing in front of the car waiving me through.

No Thank you. No "Wow, I needed that. I'm parched." No Nothin.

(Somebody owes me a bottle of water)


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