Sippin on Soreness

Sitting here on a Saturday morning. Sipping on a coffee with a little stir of sugar and a spoonful of coconut oil....

Yes, thats right, I've been drinking coffee with my coconut oil... or having some coconut oil with my coffee. I like it. It makes the coffee a bit richer and the more obvious things is that I get the health benefits of coconut oil.

I've been drinking a lot of coffee lately. Think it may be time to switch back to tea. Coffee makes me feisty.

Had a fantastic time on set yesterday. And I'm sore as hell.

I booked a commercial for TELECOM a few days ago and we shot yesterday morning, bright and early, at a boxing gym in South Central LA called the Broadway Boxing Gym. The setting for the spot was a gym in 1963 England. Call time was 6:30AM. I had a breakfast burrito from the food truck at 7:30AM. I was dressed, wrapped and ready by 8AM. One of the reasons why this shoot was so cool, was that I got paid to to work the heavy bag for 2 hours. I love boxing and one of m favorite workouts is pounding the heavy bag. They got a good set of medium shots and close ups of me working the bag, landing left hooks and body blows. I was in heaven. Having myself a good ole time going all George Forman on em. Actually I like to think I fight more like a Roy Jones Jr or Sugar Ray Leonard than George Forman, but hey, thats just me. Anyway, Heavyweight, middleweight or welterweight, I probably pushed a little too hard, cuz, like I said, I'm HURTIN right now. So, a couple hours and few thousand calories later, they had me sitting on the edge of the ring, digging into my 1963 style gym bag and puling out a laptop and sending a few emails. Then, just like that, it was all over. We were packed up and out of there before noon. Which is also why yesterdays shoot was so cool. I thought we were going to be there for AT LEAST 10 hours.

ALSO, Craft services had a big JUICER on set too. You could do it all yourself, They had a series of trays filled with fruits and vegetables that You could pick out and throw into the juicer... make yourself of big fresh juice. One of the guys from craft services walked around on set with little cups of carrot juice, berry juice and green juice. After my two hour workout for the camera, I was really happy to see this guy. I threw back like 4 things of carrot juice. I got a few dirty looks from the guy because I was basically hijacking his tray and chugging all his stuff... but at that point I was dying.

HOPEFULLY, this spot will be available for your viewing pleasure on the web at some point in the near future. It's very unlikely, but I would love to have some boxing footage for my reel. That would be cool. At this point, I'd be happy just to see the spot. Be on the lookout.

EXT. Broadway Boxing Gym

INT. Broadway Boxing Gym


That's right, there IS a next project and its going down this week. It's kind of rare, but I booked two gigs, basically in the same week. I was cast as the CHANNEL MANAGER for a ROOTER HERO training video. I'm working with a 5 page script that I have to learn by Wednesday. Its not the SEXIEST project in the world, but its WORK

(and its money)

(Happy Saturday)

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