Sigh for Saturday.

Big Sigh For Saturday. Busy, dramatic week. Happy to have some downtime. Although I'm not doing much relaxing today.

TODAY, I'm going over to a friends house to start learning the basics of Final Cut Pro. That means I'm going to initiate the process of learning how to edit footage... and possibly be able to do some basic editing work on future projects. If I can learn the basics to get started, then I can play around with footage on my won time and practice, watch online tutorials... pretty soon I'll be able to cut together simple trailers and maybe even some scene-work for a corporate video or two.

I want to do this because #1.. its a handy skill to have.. especially with all the projects I'm producing and directing... and #2... if I can edit some of my own stuff, I wont be helpless and at the mercy of another editors availability. I mean I think I will still want to hire an editor for these corporate/industrial video projects, but I think I can become competent enough to cut together smaller stuff. One thing I want to do is cut a trailer for each of the past 4 or 5 legal video projects that I've produced and directed. I want to create a nice professional looking website to showcase my work and instead of posting a series of 10-15 minute, full length attorney/client scenarios, which can get kind of boring, I'd like to cut a 2 minute trailer for each project. That way I can present a larger body of work by having a trailer for each series and its I think someone would more willing to click and view a 2 minute trailer than a 15 minute lesson in Family Law.

That's one thing I want to get working on right away, so my training will start today.

Change of subject...


She turned the big 0-6 yesterday and I'm sure she will have an fantastic, fun filled day with family and friends today. The official birthday bash kicks off TONIGHT... at some posh, undisclosed location in the UK.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARLEY! Uncle Jim and Auntie Kristen love you and miss you very much.

Uncle Jim is icing his foot right now because he is STILL having plantar fasciitis issues... issues that having been going on almost a year now. Auntie Kristen is getting herself dressed and ready for a lunch date with a friend and an afternoon of shopping. She;s not buying anything, she will just be looking.

Uncle Jim had some wonderful car drama this the way.

As you may be aware, Ive been doing some freelance sales/marketing work for a new cell phone service called Go Smart Mobile. Ive spent a lot of time over the past few weeks visiting "mom&Pop" cell phone retailers all over South Central Los Angeles, dropping off marketing materials and taking snapshots inside each store. MANY of these stores are in VERY sketchy neighborhoods and on Tuesday of this week, I found myself driving through one of the tougher looking neighborhoods and I noticed a bunch of smoke coming out from under my car. I quickly whipped into a gas station there on the corner, turned the car off and got out. Apparently I had suddenly developed two leaks in the cooling system and the car overheated. So, there I was, like some distressed animal in the middle of the African desert (no pun intended). Everyone on the block was watching me. Thankfully some dude in an Escalade rolled up, almost immediately, and was kind enough to help me check under the hood and suggest I pour some water into the reservoir. He then told me where the closest auto mechanic was... suggesting a Pep Boys about 3 blocks away. Then he told me he would hang out for a few minutes while the car cooled down so nobody would come over and bother me. He was a good guy. Black, Mid 30's. After about 30 minutes, we shook hands, I thanked him and drove off to Pep Boys.

Turns out I had to have the car towed to a VW dealership in DTLA, which has since turned into another $500 expense because the "extended" warranty of this car expired in 2012. Ive been going back ands froth with the dealership and the warranty company trying to get it all sorted out and in the end... I came up emtpy handed. Feels like every week I have a new surprise $500 expense. Last week it was the vet bill for our extremely STONED little puppy. Can't WAIT to see what other $500 slug to the gut might be coming.

These extraneous costs are kicking my ass right now.

Deep breath.... okay.... Uncle Jim and Auntie Kristen had some friends over for dinner last night. With all the car drama from this past week, it was nice to hang out with some friends, drink wine and have an amazing meal cooked up by my amazing chef of a wife... or wife of a chef... no... chef of a wife.... she's a good cook. How about that?

We talked a lot about movies last night, as we usually do. Josh is actually one the editors who works on my projects. He also is the guy who wrote and produced THE COMPLEX, a feature length quirky, indie flick in which I had a small supporting role. Anyway, we talked a lot about al the latest Superhero films and how much HE enjoyed THE AVENGERS and how much I did NOT. When I finished watching THE AVENGERS, I was pretty much DONE with Superhero movies for a while. I was NOT crazy about it... at all.

Kristen and I went to see ZERO DARK THIRTY on Thursday night, so we discussed that for a while too. Zero Dark Thirty was... good... not... GREAT. I wasnt exactly as blown away as I was expecting. In fact I kind of felt this film is lacking any sort of... SOUL. There are some really cool scenes.... and of course its awesome that its a true story and they were able to bring this film to fruition so soon after Bin Laden was killed... AND its totally awesome that Bin laden was killed.... way to Kick Ass America.... but it was really hard to get behind any of the characters. Watching a truly GREAT film creates an experience where you truly fall in love with its characters... and it always helps to have a good villain.... Zero Dark Thirty didn't really have a villain. Yes, you would think that the Taliban and Bin Laden would be the perfect villian, but they weren't properly represented... so you didnt really FEEL their presence. I dont know... Zero Dark Thirty was good and an ACT OF VALOR kind of way... better acting by far... but it just didnt work for me.

Ok, I gotta go....

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