Screener Season

Started chipping away at my SAG screeners. I'm hoping to watch all the nominated movies before Jan 17 so I can actually get my vote in for the SAG Awards....

American Hustle sucked. Sorry. Moving on.

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET? I think my expectations were to dislike "Wolf" because of what I'd heard and read. Lot of folks out there pissed off because they think this movie is a love letter to douche-bags. That it glorifies the greedy and corrupt activities that take place in financial district at the center of the Nation, whihc is the reason why so many Americans have been suffereing inside of a this terrible lingering economic crisis we've come to know so well. A crisis created by the likes of "Jordan Belfort" and his cronies. I don't think its best picture, not even close, but I really liked THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. True, it was too long, could have been trimmed here and there, but I was captivated and entertained the entire time. And I don't think they GLORIFY anything. Exposing Wall Street as a contemporary crime syndicate (we knew that) and all that comes with it makes for compelling drama. I think.

PS: If "Jordan Belfort" is born and raised in QUEENS.... why tha F%%% is there a (fictitious) photograph of little "Jordy" and his Dad (Rob Reiner) on the field at FENWAY PARK? Reiner wearing a RED SOX hat? That BULLSHIT man!

Most people wouldnt notice. But I did. Eff Boston! Growing up in QUEENS? That kid would/SHOULD be a METS fan.

American Hustle? You liked it? Come on... FOR STARTERS... the film tries way too hard to be something it is not... A Scorsese film. I mean, I know stuff gets copied and imitated... but everything from the performances to the use of soundtrack to the shot choices and camera movements... ALL Scorcese... homage to GOODFELLAS. HUSTLE was slow, the story started to meander at various points and I felt many of the performances were pushed. Christian Bale was good. If the film was better directed his performance would have been OUTSTANDING. I guess my angst is anchored in disappointment. I had high hopes, but American Hustle, in my opinion... not award worthy at all. But of you like seeing your favorite actors in outfits and hairstyles from the 70's... go for it.

Dallas Buyers Club? Who's buying? Who's selling? Who's seen it? I saw it. Well acted. Matthew McConaughey was really good. Jared Leto was uncanny (good). Good soundtrack from the 80's. Tough tales from trying times. A touching piece of storytelling. Quite a commentary on the pharmaceutical cluster fuck that still resonates today. Not that the threat of AIDS doesnt resonate today... but the talk about a corporate crime syndicate....

August: Osage County. Whoa. Really good. An Actors film. Based on a play by Tracy Letts that was on Broadway from 2007 to 2009. Its a movie versio  of a darkly comedic play, hence the lack of tidy, warm fuzzies and nice neat wrap-ups. Ton of strong performances. This movie is scarppy.... and very Sad. Be prepared to take a few direct hits... unless, of course, your family is perfect and unflappable.

I still have to see CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, which is directed by Paul Greengrass, who I really like as a director. So looking forward to that. "Blue Jasmine," "12 Years a Slave" "Philomena" are on deck... and "The Butler?" I think I might skip it. I know I'll hate it.

How do you cast JOHN CUSACK as Richard Nixon? They lost all credibility with me on that casting choice. Whatever.

I'll hit you back.

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