Saturday Sentiments.

Ok... a few Saturday morning thoughts....

First, HOW DUMB IS LANCE ARMSTRONG?? Does he have nobody on his staff to warn him of the perils of making a bad situation WORSE? You know what? He probably doesnt. Because what we see from the various "yet-to-be aired" Oprah Winfrey interview clips is that Lance Armstrong.... is an asshole. It takes a certain kind of asshole to do the things he did in the FIRST place... but now we see that he is SO BIG of an asshole that he can't even bring himself to conduct a proper apology/confessional.... or at least fake it. Dumbass Lance Armstrong probably doesnt have a staff. I think he just locked himself into the history books as one of the biggest dickheads in the world of sports. He and Barry Bonds should rent a condo in Miami and get a job doing security at some cheesey club and live out the rest of their days being total dicks. No Soup for YOU... Lance Armstrong.

Second, WHAT EVER WILL HAPPEN TO HONEY BOO BOO? That poor, poor little girl. I see a lifetime of trainwreck television in her future. Shit ain't funny, man.

Thirdly, we watched LE MISERABLES the other night. I realize that Le Mis is one of the most revered theatrical productions of all time. People love it. Sadly I never saw Le Mis on Broadway. Thats REALLY sad considering I lived in 9th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen for 7 years... a couple blocks from Times Square. I loved at 46th and 9th... which is where "Theater Row" begins... or ends... depending on where your standing. Regardless, People LOVE Le Mis. I did not.

There were so many parts in the film that just DRAGGED.. and dragged... and dragged. Do we REALLY need a ten minute song to cover EVERY connecting moment in the story? There were also a TON of story/continuity flaws and basic holes in motivation and common sense that really tested my sense of suspended belief.

There were some great moments in the film. I loved the ending... the finale... and ANNE HATHAWAY... was very very good. But I think one of the reasons she is getting such rave reviews and nominations is because, aside from delivering a phenomenal performance, she DIES in the first act... so you dont get SICK of her... like you do Hugh Jackman. SO sick of Hugh Jackman by the end of this movie.

Ok, its Saturday. It's beautiful out. We are going to head over to Runyon and get a workout hiking the trails over there. Then its off to Thousand Oaks tonight for a friends birthday get together.

Championship Football tomorrow. Go Ravens.

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