Quick Carolina Recap


Happy Friday.

Recently returned from our highly anticipated and much needed trip to see the rest of the Huffman family in Pinehurst and Hickory, NC. We also made a couple of day trips to Myrtle Beach and Southern Pines.. AND...we stopped off in Charlotte.... HUNTERSVILLE actually... to have lunch with Dave Rynne. We had a great trip. It was very humid, cloudy and occasionally rainy. Not as hot and SUNNY as we had hoped. HOT, yes. SUNNY? No. We covered a lot of ground. Visited with a lot of loved ones. We especially got a lot of good Nancy & Bob time in. Kristen got her first ever tennis lesson, which she took to very well. Now we're going to try and play regularly. We went out yesterday and played an hour of tennis at Griffith Park.

Now I'm back, and I'm busy as ever trying to play catch up. You KNOW I'm busy when I haven't blogged in a while. I'm still trying to wrap up three separate video projects. Ive been working on three separate series of videos simultaneously for the same client since... April? Maybe March? Now I'm communicating with 3 different editors to put finishing touches on TONS of scenes and episodes. We are adding credits, touching up titles... all that shit.

We are headed down to Temecula tonight to spend the weekend down there doing some field marketing for "I and Love and You." That's right. I'm back from the beach to preach the gospel of good dog food. I'll be doing demos at a handful of SPROUTS locations and a staff training on Sunday morning at the UNLEASHED BY PETCO in Temecula. At some point in our travels, we'll find time to swing by LEONESS CELLARS and pick up a case of wine that's been waiting for... I can't even remember how long... a few MONTHS at least.

TODAY, I'm doing a staff training at the new UNLEASHED Reseda location. Then I'll be back to work on post production stuff until Kristen gets off work and we hit the road for Temecula.

THAT being said....

I'd like to take this opportunity to share a few photos from our trip....

Me, You, Golf Cart Rear View

"Me, You & the Gold Cart Rear View."

From a Landing at Lake Hickory

"From a Landing at Lake Hickory"

Happy Huffman Family Photo

One more big hapy Huffman family shot before we headed out of Hickory. From L to R: Jerry, Jim, Dave, Casey, Keller, Holly, Kristen, Marley

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