Puppies. Poop. Chickens. No Coop.

WHOA... it's Wednesday?

Well... The puppies both pooped. Ate all their breakfast. Now they play. Good start to the day.

Mitchell came down with a case of the nasty runnies. He's been on the slow road to recovery since Sunday. He is charging around the apartment and throwing himself into his sister. So I guess he's feeling good.

I joined KLOUT this morning? I'm not sure WHY, but I did. I received quite a few requests and messages on Facebook and Twitter over he past few months so I just decided to surrender and sync up.

Klout measures influence online. When you create content or engage, you impact others. Klout analyzes that impact to find your Klout Score, influential topics, and your influencers. Klout is the standard for influence. Top brands such as Disney, Audi, and Turner use Klout Perks to reach and engage influencers. Over 3,000 applications and partners use Klout data to display Klout Scores, prioritize based on Score or topics, and segment users.... Klout helps you understand your influence and how to leverage it. Benchmark your success, understand who you influence, and discover who to trust in the topics you care about.


Kristen and I watched the American version of GIRL WITH A DRAGON TATTOO a few days ago. There are definitely differences from the original Swedish version. I dont remember the first version well enough to put my finger on all the alterations. It took me months just to recover from those brutal rape scenes, but ONE adjustment that I noticed that I wasn't very happy with was centered around the romantic encounter between Lisbeth and Mikael (Daniel Craig). In the American version, Lisbeth basically seduces Mikael. She initiates the sexual encounter. In the Swedish version, that sexual encounter is somehting that just happens. What I liked about that way that moment was presented in the original film was that it showed a lot of vulnerability and humanity on the part of Lisbeth. Her life was filled with some much trouble and turmoil. More specifically, she was recently raped and tortured. When this encounter happened between her and Mikael, it was a genuine, organic romantic moment. Something that Lisbeth had never experienced before. I loved that moment. It was kind of awkward and real, but really poignant and meaningful. I feltl like it was a highlight in the film for that character. The America version took away that moment, stripped her of a little humanity and made her more of an "action" flick chick. They kind of dumbed it down. I was disappointed.

Here is a thread on SCREENRANT.COM that showcases a few more opinions and perspectives on the film and its two versions....


Busy this week prepping for my short film shoot next week and prepping for a new corporate film/legal video project. This corporate project will be a little different from most of the previous projects because of the different settings. Instead of EVERY scene taking place in a conference room or attorney's office, I have a funeral/memorial service reception. I have a back yard discussion between adjacent neighbors, one of whom has a bunch of chickens in his yard.... and I have a few conversations that tale place in front of a dilapidated building. Two conversations that take place ten years apart. That will be an interesting challenge.

The chicken thing I think I can cover with some sound effects and a few floating feathers.... as opposed to to trying to wrangle REAL chickens. I have a feeling that would be a nightmare.

The funeral reception is something we can shoot at Kristen's parents house. I can cast Cathy and Larry in the scene as well as Colleen and maybe some more of their friends and neighbors. I'll get everybody to wear black, put out some snacks and VOILA.... funeral reception. I'm looking forward to that. I think it will be a lot of fun.


15 Days left to help make it happen for my upcoming short film TrailsofGray on indiegogo

Five Dollar Fist Bump? Yes?


I just wanted to send a little love note to my amazingly sweet and beautiful wife. I love you baby. I love you a little more everyday. That will never change. We've got quite a few big things happening for us in the next few months. Some of it is seemingly sane, reasonable, light and fun. Some it is exactly the opposite. Seemingly INsane and kind of scary. But it's all exciting. No risk. No reward. Whatever happens, we've got each other and we've got our friends and our family. Together we can do amazing things. Let's do that. xoxoxoxo

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