Post Mortem Monday

MONDAY. Post Super Bowl Mortem. Football season is officially OVER. The New York Giants were a non factor this year, but its always sad to see the end. I didnt really care too much for either team, but I was calling for a San Francisco Slam. I really thought the 49ers were going to roll the Ravens. But hey, the Ravens came to play. They showed up with the all the right stuff. They DID almost blow it... and SF was on the verge of creating quite the comeback. I think the fact that the LIGHTS went out actually killed alot of that Baltimore momentum. That whole power outtage thing was weird. I'm sure the folks from MERCEDES BENZ were squirming in their gold plated executive suite seats. Thankfully, they got it all figured out and a more competitive contest ensued.

We watched the game down in Torrance at Kristen's parents place. Cathy & Larry throw a little Super Bowl party every year and have a few close friends over for savory snacks and Super Bowl shenanegens. How the heck do you spell "shananegans?" So we spend the weekend, brought the puppies, ate a lot of food and drank a lot of beer. It was a fun-filled family and friend affair.

Mitchell & Whitney are still a work in progress as far as social skills are concerned. They are both still very uncomfortable being in a roomful of people. They want to make the rounds and bark at everybody. As cute as they are, they can be quite obnoxious party guests. THAT being said, they both made significant improvements this time. We kept them in the crates while people arrived, entered and got settled. When we let the puppies out, they ran into the room and barked at everyone as a group, and then started singling people out for some individual harassment. That's when we broke out the "bully sticks." Mitchell and Whitney LOVE bully sticks. A Bully stick, also called a PIZZLE stick... is....wanna take a guess? THAT'S CORRECT... it's a dried out bull/steer penis. Puppies go crazy for these things. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are braided or molded into the form of a ring. They are fully digestible and all the rage in the dog world these days. So we ship a couple of those out and suddenly it was very quite and all annoying puppy behaviors have dissipated. Mitchell and Whitney went to work on those things for a couple of HOURS actually and let us watch the game in peace.

Anyway, now that THATS'S all over and its back to business.... it's back to business. Happy Monday.... meetings, interviews, waitng to hear back from a couple of companies I interviewed with last week. Waiting to hear from one of my production clients, hoping we can get the ball rolling on a few new projects.

Still working on this Go Smart Mobile gig. I have a couple more weeks of visiting sketchy little cell phone stores in some of LA's scariest neighborhoods. Good times. Puts hair on your chest. Dass wussup. I gotta go.

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