Post Game Pow Wow

The Yankees won last night at Dodger Stadium. We got to see Mariano Rivera shut it down in the bottom of the ninth. We sat out in right field at the All-You-Can-Eat Pavillion, which actually wasnt half bad. Dodger Dogs are disgusting. I'll tell you that. I should know. I ate 3 of them. They do really suck actually... as far as hot dogs go. BUT, the NACHOS... are AMAZING. hey, if you can go sit in the right field bleachers and eat Nachos, peanuts and popcorn until you're blue in the face, life is pretty damn good. Forget the Dodger dogs.. in fact AVOID the Dodger Dogs... at all cost. What they SHOULD serve out there are little slices of pizza. Like Little Caesars style pizza... meaning super CHEAP pizza. The other good thing about the AYCE Pavillion is that its really easy to access when you enter the stadium. You can bypass big lines of people who are all waiting to enter at other points. The Food and beverage stands are all really close... right underneath those bleacher seats... so stepping away from the game to get more food is a pretty quick and painless process.

We Got SCREWED on the way out though. This game was sold out and it was a NIGHTMARE making our way out. The parking lot was so full when we GOT there that we had to park way up in this upper lot that I dont think even the most experienced and devout Dodger fans knew existed. You can imagine how long it took to for us to exit that LOT, let alone Chavez Ravine.

Really cool view of Dodger Stadium and Downtown LA from up there. Got some nice pictures....

Chavez Ravine Panoramic

"Chavez Ravine Panoramic"

"Post Game Pow Wow"

Patiently Parting Ways

View from the Upper Lot #Dodgerstadium #LosAngeles

Post game parking lot shot with a cartoon filter.

Stadium Exodus

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