Post Birthday Productions

My birthday was great. I have a TON of Facebook posts from friends as far back as Elementary School wishing me a happy day. I have my birth year listed as 1926 on Facebook so I had many questions marks and clever quips about how good I look for an 86 year old man.

Two words for ya: POWER-SANDWICH.

I have a sandwich that I often make when I feel a cold coming on.. or when I feel a bit run down. It always seem to help. I'm not saying its going to make an 86 year old man look or feel like a forty-something... especially a forty-something who feels like a THIRTY something, but when it comes to fighting off a cold... this sandwich is a beast.

It's a tuna sandwich on steroids.... basically. Wheat or multi-grain bread... tuna fish mix/mash-up with a little mayo and olive oil, black pepper, a good dose of cayenne pepper (1/4 teaspoon), chopped broccoli slaw and a chopped clove of raw garlic. Try some good old fashioned chicken soup (optional) on the side and you'll be right in no time.

ANYWAY, birthday was great. had a few beers and watched the Giants LOSE to the Redskins on MNF at the Happy Ending Bar in Hollywood. Had all my favorite people around me. It was a good day.

The day after, Kristen and I went to go see ARGO at the Arclight. DAMN... that was a good movie. I've never had a film make me feel so tense and uptight that every single muscle in my body was aching by the end of it. One helluva ride.

We saw LINCOLN last week... and have to say. I didnt love it. LINCOLN It has everything.... all the best ingredients, the acting is great... but something is missing. Found myself not really giving much of a shit. Kind of boring.

Well... I have to go. The next week to 10 days are going to be quite the journey for me. I have to go to New York on Saturday and spend a few days out there visiting my father. He is not well... and I'm going out there to get him some help.... hopefully I cant get him into some sort of assisted living situation through Veterans Affairs.... but of course... and few days in detox will come first.

I'm not doing this alone. There are a few friends of his out there who have actually initiated this project. He still has a friend or two who care enough to want to help him get the care he needs. My Brother was in New York for business last week and he had time to see my Dad and meet one of his buddies. Based on my brother's observations.... and the intel from the guys that see my Dad every day... we've decided something needs to happen ASAP.... time to take action and get Jerry some help before something tragic happens.

No Power Sandwich gonnna fix this. Im making jokes.

But this isn't funny.

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