OUT with the OLD. IN with the NEW...

(or "Out with the ewww. In with the new")

So yeah... it's FRIDAY.... Happy Friday.

Happy "Hot-as-Hell" Friday.

Happy "Hot-as-Hell" Friday which will wrap up a hot as hell WEEK.... kicking off a hot as hell holiday weekend. Hooray!

Did I mention that it's HOT?

It's been uncharacteristically HUMID out here this week. Its that kind of heat that drains your energy and makes you feel sluggish and stupid.

I feel sluggish and stupid. Nothing that a few hours with the AC on full blast wont fix.

It's also the final week of my contract as the Los Angeles Field marketing Manager for ILLY ISSIMO. We've been at it since April. We've covered a lot of territory. We've given out a LOT of coffee. Sad to see it end. GLAD to see it end.

Needless to say, I'm back on the market. Looking for work. I'm fortunate enough to have another corporate film project to produce and direct. Ive already started shooting some of it... so with that little bit of an overlap, I'm staying busy, but I'll need to find something else to supplement that income. I really need to find something more steady and consistent in general. So I'm on the lookout. In the hunt. Any thoughts? suggestions? Leads? Job offers? Hit me up at JHUFFMANPRODUCTION@GMAIL.COM

SO... we've been at our place in Los Feliz for almost 2 years now. When we moved in, we had this fantastic view of Griffith Park. The trick was to make sure you were looking OUT and UP... and never DOWN. If you looked DOWN you saw THIS....

Riverside Service Station Next Door (Before)

Riverside Service Station Next Door (Before)

And these pics were taken AFTER the clean up and move out effort had begun. A few weeks before I took this photo, The Riverside Service Station was twice... maybe even THREE times scarier. This place was open 24 hours, but not really open to the PUBLIC. They just had skuzzy and shady people coming and going all the time. They always had some welding or drilling going on. Most often at like... 4AM. They also had 2 big black German Shepherds that were supposed to be guard dogs, but they seemed really friendly. Especially since we used to sit out on our patio and throw dinner scraps down to them. They LOVED us.

ANYWAY... all that has since become a memory. Out with the old, in with the new: These photos are now officially titled "The MESS that WAS 3160 Riverside Drive/" Shot from my 4th floor patio. Someone recently bought the place, cleaned it up and they're turning it into some sort of concept/creative/event space. Right now the property is serving as a platform to showcase a new line of "hipster" camper/trailer thing-a-ma-jings....

"Hitch Your Dreams to a Happier Camper Trailer"



AND... apparently thats not it. While I was out on a walk with Whitney & Mitchell, I ended up chatting with a girl who was on the property. She seemed like she may be one of the founders/owners/creators. She told me that they're throwing a party on September 9th with Food trucks, a beer garden and a screening of THE GOONIES. I think I'm starting to like our new neighbors. SO much better than a grungy ole garage gang. Wait, did she say BEER GARDEN? Really? I think I may actually go downstairs and participate.

I'll post some pics of the new look on the 9th. But for now, check out the humble beginnings of the NEW Riverside Service Station: http://riversideservicestation.com/

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