Morning. Thursday morning. Happy Thursday. havent been blogging very much lately. My head and my heart have been all over the place. Yes, I'm still a little shaken and stirred by the dog attack and subsequent puppy recovery. Ive been busy trying to sort shit out and get all my business handled. Get all that negative stuff out of my head and start building momentum again. My shooting schedule has slowed to a trickle. Mission almost accomplished. I have one more shoot day to schedule in the next few weeks and then thats it from the big batch of legal video scripts that started coming my way back in APRIL. Right now trying to get everything in polished presentable order. Taking and making notes. Passing those on to Editors. Also meeting & greeting a few NEW editors to be better prepared for the next onslaught of scripts. Here's hoping for another onslaught. Wes and I are headed up to the Santa Monica mountains tomorrow to shoot more footage for TRAILS OF GRAY, which I think will eventually become TRAILS. I like a one word title. Plus it cuts me some more slack as far as expanding the experience. I'm also writing 2 more vignettes to become part of the film. I'm having a hard time moving forward with the film because I'm just not super happy with what Ive got. So I'm altering the story.... enhancing the story... I hope. Still hustling the Pet food. Business is good. There are quite a few folks out there who are genuinely concerned with the quality of dog & cat food out there. Many folks want to know more about the state of affairs in the pet food business, especially with all the recalls. I think people are starting to recognize that there may be a connection between a dogs allergies.. or maybe the high amount of cats suffering and/or dying from kidney disease... and the food that these animals eat day to day... year to year... for an entire lifetime. I spoke to a woman yesterday at Sprouts for a long time her history of rescuing cats from shelters and how many have died from kidney disease. She actually got very upset at one point, confessing that she fears she may have been feeding them low quality food and that may have contributed to the ailments. I told her not to worry... that the pet food industry and has come a LONG way in the past ten years. That we, as pet owners have so much more information and more resources available to us than we did before. It's not her fault.... but she should buy a bunch of our products... and all will be well again....


I'm just kidding. Kind of.

I actually enjoy talking about this stuff with people. Its one of those things where people dont insist that they know everything and that they juts might NOT have all the answers. That dynamic enables us to have really nice and balanced conversations about the welfare of our pets. People, for the most part, want to do whats best for their animals. NOW, if we could only get people to apply the same sensibility to their OWN health and well being.

Kristen and I... and JJ and Tracy.... went to see THE WAY WAY BACK last week. Kristen and I didnt like it at all. Well, that's not fair, we BELIEVED in this film. We wanted it to succeed. We liked the premise. We love Sam Rockwell (he was great, have to give him that. He's always great). But this movie was one those movies that needed so many obvious fixes and tweaks... that you start to get annoyed as you sit through. WAY WAY BACK could have been a contender, but the director... or directors.... effed it up.

Here's the problem....

'Descendants' Screenwriters Make Directorial Debut With Steve Carell in 'The Way, Way Back' http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/way-way-back-descendants-screenwriters-568549

This is what happened... my guess anway...

Nat Faxon and Jim Rash write "Descendants" and it does really well. Great reviews. Gets an Oscar. I thought it was pretty good. So down the road, someone says to these guys "HEY, what else you got? Lets keep the ball rolling" They say "UHHH, we wrote this other script... way BEFORE Descendants... but its not that geat... we couldnt sell it." "GREAT!" Someone says "We'll get Steve Carell to do it and... wait... whats that? Nobody wants to direct it? OK...  thats fine... YOU GUYS direct it. How about that?" "UH... ok" they say. "Cool."

This film could have and should have been so much better. I know its easy to be an armchair quarterback... and yeah.... who the hell am I? But when its so easy to pick out flaws in the middle of the movie and immediately come up with 3-4 more effective alternatives.... you start to get frustrated and get mad at the movie...  especialy the Director.. DirecTORS.... which is even worse.

Sam Rockwell saved this movie from being a TOTAL disaster... thank you Sam.

BLOOD SIMPLE.... saw that one recently as well... on DVD.... its a Coen Brothers movie from the EARLY days... like 1984 early days. I watched the other night. "Brutally violent and shockingly funny" Blood Simple. is a 1984 neo-noir crime film. It was the directorial debut of Joel Coen and the first major film of cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld, who later became a noted director.

Aside from the fact that its really dated with old eighties style synth-y music (Looked and sounded a lot like HALLOWEEN), it was pretty good. The twists and turns of a trio of Texas folk getting themselves tangled in a terrible web of murder and double cross was satifyingly alluring and eganging. I enjoyed it.

OK, thats all I got for now. I'm out and about. I'll be back with a snack.

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