That's the Twitter hashtag that was BLOWIN up last night. EVERYONE was chirping and chipping away on social media yesterday as every Oscar moment unfolded. I posted a few predictions before kickoff....

@Jcliffyhuff Going with Spielberg for BEST DIRECTOR, Naomi Watts for BEST ACTRESS, Joaquin Phoenix for BEST ACTOR, Argo for BEST PICTURE #Oscars2013

Then I posted some clever comments while watching ABC's Red Carpet coverage....

@Jcliffyhuff Ok, this Chenoweth chick (on ABC) is making people look like GIANTS! Somebody give the Hobbit an APPLE BOX #Oscars2013

Seriously though, that lady is WAY too small to be up there rubbing elbows with the big kids. She could barely REACH the elbows of a normal sized person. If I was Jennifer Garner... or QUEEN LATIFAH... I woulda been like: "HAILLL NO. Somebody ELSE can stand next Tinker Bell." Then, once the show got started, I shut down the laptop and enjoyed the festivities. I have to say, I was SO ready to hate on Seth MacFarlane. I don't particularly care for anything he's done in the past. Family Guy? No Thanks. TED? Oh, you mean that stupid movie with Mark Wahlberg and the talking Teddy Bear. "HAILLL NO."

But I have say, Seth MacFarlane was O-K. I mean, I'm still not much of a Seth MacFarlane FAN, but I thought he did a good job, aside from a few jokes that fell flat.. and even then, you have to respect the guy for taking a few risks and being able to keep things moving when his jokes imploded. I found myself genuinely laughing and genuinely enjoying the show, jokes, songs, dance numbers and all the presenting. Some of the presenters were better than others and there were, of course, a few awkward moments, but all in all, it was a good time. My Ward predictions were wrong in all categories except one. I said that ARGO would get Best Picture. Yay me.

I thought Ben Affleck gave a great speech... and last night... he did for me... what he did for me... 15 years ago. I was inspired. The one part of his speech that stuck with me was when he said that "You have to work harder than you think you possibly can." I went to bed last night and stared at the ceiling... and all I could heard were those words... Over and over again.

"You have to work harder than you think you possibly can."

15 Years ago I was so inspired by Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and the success of "Good Will Hunting," that I dropped everything I was doing at the time, said my goodbye's, left the great city of Houston and headed back to New York City to start climbing this lecherous, treacherous hill. 15 years later, he's back, telling me not to give in... and not to give up... but most importantly...

That I've got to work harder.

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