Next stop: Port Charles

Guess who is working GENERAL HOSPITAL this week?

That would be ME.

Friday I got a call from one of the casting associates on the show . I sent them a headshot/resume like... 5 months ago... and Yes, it's late September and they finally got around to calling me. Hey, I'll take it. Thats the way it goes sometimes. Now, I'll just be a background actor, playing the role of a Dad trick-or-treating with his daughter. Its nothing too tremendous or ground breaking... but its a fresh start... with a new show. Hopefully they will be so impresssed with my background acting that they'll call me back for some under-five's.... and THEN they'll love the delivery of my less-than-five-lines so much that they'll cast me in a recurring role.... offer me an English muffin from the break room.... then make me a cast regular... and BOOM.... I'll be blogging between takes from my dressing room.

I will be entering the world of "Port Charles" and making my General Hospital debut on Thursday at Prospect Studios.... WHICH happens to be right around the corner.



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