My photo made the list!


A photo of mine was featured this morning in a list of "50 Spectacular Views From Windowsills" on MASHABLE, "a leading source for news, information & resources for the Connected Generation. "

When Kristen and I were in San Marcos a few weeks ago, Kristen was getting dressed and putting on makeup, I noticed that Mashable had posted a photo challenge asking for photos from your window and since I was sitting on the patio outside of our hotel room, Samsung S4 in hand, I snapped a few shots of the cool looking clouds hovering and submitted lickety split.

We were staying at the LAKE HOUSE HOTEL & RESORT in San Marcos, CA, just north of San Diego. It was a nice, reasonably priced hotel slash resort on Lake San Marcos.

So I didnt actually WIN anything as a ersult of being featured on this list. But I managed to sneak on there at #49. Kind of cool to have a photo shared.


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