My Career in Selfie Photography

HEY! Happy Tuesday.

I worked on General Hospital again last week. I played a uniformed cop who does a lot filing and shuffling papers around in the precinct. Gripping drama. The episode will air on January 8th, 2014. Blink and you might miss me. Seriously. Don't blink. You'll miss the entire performance.

Here I am trying to knock out a good selfie in the Men's changing room. I look like a dork. A scary dork who is trying to manage a cool pose in a uniform. I look like a cop who is trying to write a parking ticket on a smartphone and he has no idea what he is doing. I find its kind of difficult to take a selfie with the Samsung s4. REALLY hard to snap the shot, make eye contact and NOT...  look like a dork... or incredibly stupid and creepy. (MOST selfies are stupid and creepy)

PS: I learned soon after this photo session... the photo session I had with myself... that I can set the camera to operate on voice commands. So I can say CHEESE or CAPTURE and the phone will take the picture. Pretty cool. My career in selfie photography might not be over after all.....


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