Mornng Page #1789445: "Worth a shot?"

Monday morning page. Murky murmurs. Feeling my age. Up late last night. Kristen is writing a paper. So I stayed up until she decided to stop working on it. Watched like, 3 movies. She threw in the towel about 2AM. So I'm REALLY feeling that right now. No amount of caffeine can pick me up. Feel like Ive got cinder blocks starpped to my waist. She is back at it this morning. Typing away right next to me. Puppies are both under the weather. Whitney has some sort of bladder infection. She has to pee like crazy every 15 minutes. That means a lot of little accidents in the house. BUT, she is in good spirits. Mitchell has an upset stomach. I think he probably ate some foreign substance that he picked up off the ground. he is notorious for eating anything he can grab when we walk outside, in the hall, on the patio... wherever. I figure 1 in a 100 times he is gonna swallow something that will make him sick. He looks really sad. Laying under the table. Wrapped around Kristens feet while she pecks away on her laptop. I'm totally available to comfort him, but he wants no part of my silly business. This is a job for Super Mom. He doesnt want to eat. Thats a shame since I have ALL this great new dog food sitting around the apartment. ILY (short for "I and Love and You") shipped me 5 gigantic boxes of marketing supplies and food samples so We have quite cluttered mess going on in the other room right now. Its our second bedroom slash guest quarters slash colleens room slash man cave (i dont have a man cave, thats a ridiculous phrase) slash creative corner (I DO have a creative corner though, that I hardly ever use, because its overflowing with clutter) slash storage room. Its all of those tings and its treacherous terrain over there. You could lose a small animal in there. Which has happened a few times already. Watched DREDD last night. Its a remake of the Stallone flick from a while back I want to say the Eighties, but it maybe have been made in the Nineties. Anyway, its a darker version minus any big movie star talent... and its pretty good actually. Take away the celebrity sideshow and you've got an action story and a few characters you can give a damn care about. Cool premise. Good action. Some really cool "drug-indused" euphoria shots. The story involves this futuristic drug dealer that sells this crazy hallucinogenic drug that makes everyone trip out in slow motion, so they show the effects of the drug several times. I thought it was a cool. I want to try some of that stuff. We watched 7/8 of END OF WATCH the other night too. Thats the Jake Gyllenhall movie about being a cop in LA. Its not bad. A little too heavy on the BOND of the BRO. There is a lot of BANTER that goes back and forth between the two cops, who are partners and basically LIFE mates. That banter is the most annoying part of this movie. But its hard to fault them. I KNOW ow hard its. I know how hard it is to pull off good improv. Delivering good quality, genuine, organic and believable banter between two people in that kind of setting is a tough task. You'd THINK it would be easy. "Hey, we shoot the shit all day at work, and some of what we say is REALLY funny.People would crack up if they could hear the shot we talk about" I'm sure it is, When you're in the moment, but recreating those types of conversations is an extremely difficult task, even for the best of actors. This flick is a lot of footage shot from a little video camera that Gyllenhalls character carries around with him. Some of that is really cool. Some of it gets a little silly. Not to mention gives you VERTIGO. A few times I found it hard to believe that this guy is worried about keeping his video camera held up so he can record stuff while entering a home with guns drawn. Maybe that's the message: "This cop is an idiot." We havent finished it because the cartel was closing in on these two city cops. Shit was about to hit the fan and we were about to go to bed and for the same reasons that we don't watch the 11 o clock news, we opted out of the last few scenes of the movie. So we still have to go back and finish. Still gearing up for out trip to NC next month, and of course, My Dad is starting to drive everyone crazy. My brother and I have bee getting emails from some of is "friends" and they've been telling us the Jerry is slipping again. He adamantly denies it but the word of the street is that Jerry is drinking again and staying out til all hours of the night. Which really pisses me off because if thats true, he is going to be all primed up for a big pathetic performance down in Hickory. This trip is dedicated t my Mother and while we WILL see my Dad and many of my Aunts, Uncles and cousins... as well as visit some of the old Hickory haunts... I'm not going to let my Dad swoop in and become a big melodramatic distraction. NOT going to let that happen. I want him to have a nice visit. I want us all to have a nice visit. I'm just not very pleased with his behavior lately and if he is starting to dabble right now, with a drink here and a drink there.... imagine what shape he will be in come mid July. AGH, my Father, I love him, but he is an eternal pain in the ass. His birthday is June 4th, which is Wednesday, by the way. I need to step away from this writing exercise and send him something. What the heck am I going to send him? Wait... is his birthday TOMORROW? Today is the 3rd isnt it? Crap. I should have done this last Thursday or Friday. Man I suck at this. Maybe Amazon Prime has some little knick knack that can be delivered next day. Worth a shot. Or is it? I'm out YO. Dont call me Bro.

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