Morning Page #9204: What would REAGAN do?

MAN! Busy times. Beating on my door. My blogging is a bore. Wish I had time to do more.This is morning page number NINE THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED and FOUR. I have yet to name this beast. I could call it THOR... or IGOR.... maybe I'll name it Pauly Shore. I guess we will see how it goes. Thats right. I'm rambling. Its my morning and I'll write how I want to. Rhyme if I want to. You would rhyme too if it happened TO YOU. Ok, what the heck am I DOING. Just goin with the flow man. Just goin with the flow. We went to the Ronald Reagan Library slash museum in Simi Valley on Sunday for Fathers Day. I actually really enjoyed it. the Reagan museum was a very poignant and moving memoriam that takes through Reagans entire life. Its pretty impressive to walk through there and acknowledge EVERYTHING that man experienced from being a sports announcer on the radio in Illinois, to being an actor in Hollywood, to being the Governor of California, to the PRESIDENCY... to surviving an assassination attempt... and to the fall of the Berlin Wall... and to his funeral and memorial service, which was a really moving and quite beautiful. I really felt like I had taken a quick walk through his entire life. It was very cool. That was SUNDAY. Yesterday was MONDAY... and its back to the grind. Grab what you can find. Make a list. Make a fist and kiss my black behind. OH... and dont forget... those that mind dont matter and those that matter dont mind. OK, get it together now. Moving on. This morning I received some notes on all scenes involving Marla Rosenbaum (Contract & Family chapters) from the "Law Simulation Project" that Ive been working on for the past few months. Right now I'm dealing with the headache of losing an actress. I LOST Karen whatsername as an actress for two upcoming "Marla Rosenbaum" scenes. We shot 3 scenes already with her playing that role and she just decided 2 days ago that she was done. Totally bailed on me. So now #1) I will never work with her again.I think she's a sucky shitty doosh of a person and #2 I now have to require all actors moving forward to sign some sort of contract that will ensure that they cannot back out last minute. I'm not sure what is legal but when an actor quits on me... and MIND you... this rarely happens... but when it DOES... I lose so much time and effort... not to mention MONEY. I had an actor LAST week try to pull the same shit but I got on the phone with him and guilted him into keeping his Mother F%%%ing word. So he saw better of his choices and played the role. He actually did a great job. But that's a separate story. As far a KAREN in concerned... Karma is going to walk up and slap her in the mouth. far as the CONTRACT series, which are the two scenes between Marla & Allen Kimble as well as the Audio file for Allen Kimble, the stuff we already shot has been approved and now we need to get those wrapped and ready. Meaning I need to send me an MPEG4 version of each scene, one with subtitles, one without. They havent reviewed the final cuts of the TORT scenes yet so I dont know if they are ready to receive the MP4s of those. On top of all that I need to get moving on those TAX Law scenes ASAP and get a few of those finished... if not all of them finished. TAX LAW is a project that I started BEFORE the Law Sim Project. We still have a re shoot of VPFC coming up as well as Landau vs Shaw. RE SHOOTS are something else that Rarely happen... but this time around, I've cast 3-4 actors who couldnt handle the work. So they showed up unprepared, made our lives hell on set and even WORSE in post-production. So bad that the client, even after some hard core magical editing, wanted revisions so huge that we had no choice but to re shoot... and since we have to re shoot... and am going to Re CAST. Hell if I'm going to bring back some bozo that couldnt earn his day rate the first time. We also need to grab a pickup for the Marselli scene with Kristina. We had sound issues that day and Kristina was shaky at best with her lines... so the client requested some revisions that we can only make by re shooting the segment. I'm worried about that one because at this point she is potentially going to look quite different from the original scene. Her hair has probably grown longer. She may have a tan. WHO knows. She is one of those actresses who is WAY too dedicated to her day job. I've worked with her on several projects, including my short film and she is a nightmare when it comes to scheduling and coordinating. Did she come to LA to be an ACTRESS? or a WAITRESS? All the time... "OHHH, I have to work a double." "I have been working three shifts a day all week." "I'm so tired." "The restaurant this." "My Manager that." You know what? F%%% Your Restaurant. Are you kidding me? Where are your priorities? My GOD. Ok forget it, that's her problem. Man, I'm letting em fly this morning. I'm FIRED UP. Don't give a F%%%. Trying to think how Ronald Reagan would handle all this bullsh&&. I like Reagan. I dont really care about all the Republican vs Democrat shiznit. Reagan was a good man. LEGEDARY politician. He accomplished SO much. How can you not admire him? Has nothing to do with being conservative or Liberal... or anywhere in between. That shit is for suckers. He represents a prosperous America. Thats an America we all wish we could have back. Back to the Tax Law project. We have notes on scenes that are close to being ready. We need to get those finished up and wrapped as soon as we can. Ive sent my editor notes for all those scenes but I may have to re send since its been a few weeks. Wes has got a lot of work to do for me. I'm worried he may have too much and the whole process is going to get bogged down. I'm thinking about hiring a new editor to bring into the mix. Maybe we can pass off so of this to a fresh set of legs. Speaking of fresh legs. I gotta go. We are shooting some more footage of Larry's classroom this morning. We got some great footage at his retirement party ast weekend and now I'm hoping to follow that up with some closeups of all his crazy science crap that has been part of his and his students lives for four decades. I gotta go. I'm late.

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