Morning Page #1042423: Dont Go Back to Square One

Morning again. Hard to avoid. Every day I wake up and its morning. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NEPHEW KELLER HUFFMAN. I CANNOT believe he turns 11 today. I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS ELEVEN! Thats scary. Kids growing up really reminds you how time flies and how prescious every moment is. Keller is such a good kid. He is inquisitive and adventurous. He has got more energy than you can imagine. Growing up fast. He is definitely a Huffman boy. Happy Birthday Keller. Really putting some extra effort into my morning pages lately. I'm trying to keep my creatvity going and finish my "Trails" short film rewrites and essentially move forward with the project and get it finished. I'm not sure why I'm dragging so much. I have grand images and majestic moments moving around in my head. Its all there. I'm having trouble getting it all organized. getting it all on paper. Getting it done. Speaking of getting it done. Happy to see that the House is getting back to work. Happy to see that all those people who DEPEND on a fully operational government to live their lives, pay their bills, sleep at night, can finally get their business back in order. I'm really so sick of all this petty Republican bullshit. I realize that some of these issues before Congress and the President and the American people, debt, immigration, the economy and fair, affordable health care... they are tricky. But not THAT tricky. I'm f%%% sick of petty Republican bullsh%%. Sick of it. I'm not a LIBERAL. Thats a stupid term and one that conservative people use as some sort of weapon. "Oh, you're just a LIBERAL." Let me tel uyou something, if you are using that term in conversations to label and organize people and concepts... you're being an idiot. The word is useless and counter-productive. Then again... doesnt that sum up the essence of the Republican party these days? Now, I will definitely lean on tha liberal side... but I'm not liberal. I'm not a conservative either. I'm somewhere in the middle. I have strong feelings about things that quote-un-quote "Liberals" get behind and I have strong feelings and support many things that conservatives get behind. I think there are a lot of us out there. I dont care enough about either party to say I'm Democrat or Republican. I care about my family, my friends, my finances, my future... and since I dont get the feeling that government really gives a shit about that... they want to squabble and bicker and bitch and moan while taking home 6 figure salaries while the rest of us bust our ASSES to make ends meet.... so I dont give too much of a shit about Democrats or Republicans. ALL politicains are ful of a fair amount of shit. But I will say that it always seems like Republicans are the ones who bitch and moan and throw temper tantrums when they dont get their way. Sorry, but if I move into a new neighborhood and start fmaing new friends, the people who exhibit behaviors that are congruent with the way the Republican party generally behaves... I want no part of it. Those types of people suck. They are toxic. Annoying. NOT someone I want to hang out with. Anyway, I'm glad they are ending the shutdown and I hope that they can start putting their heads together to try and fix some shit. I have to work at the Los Angeles GREEN FEST this weekend. I'll be out there passing out samples of the finest pet food in America. Giving out coupons and speading the good word on the benefits of a raw diet for dogs. Stop giving your dog kibble. Its crap. Try eating frosted flakes twice a day for 10 years and see what happens to your health. Thats my analogy. Kibble is like breakfast cereal. Its massively processed and then sprayed with vitamins... because there ARE no vitaimsn left after cook somehting down like that. So to make it SOMEWHAT redeeming, they spray it. And we eat it. Cereal I mean. Our pets eat kibble. and its crap. Enough on that. I could talk forever about better dog food options. Dont get me started on rawhide. My Dad has finally got himself in Unti 22 at the VA Hospital in Northport. He was in pretty bad shape leading up to getting thrown out of his apartment share situation with his old friend Dick. Dick actually did him a favor by kicking him out. My Dad needed help. He had been drinking and using a LOT. sitting around on his favorite chair in front of the TV, surrounded by garbage, wasting away. Unti 22 at the VA is an inatient rehab program. He is cleaning up. Cleaning out. Getting medical attention  and getting into meetings. THANK GOD. I don't know what's going to happen with him. How do you help a retired 73 year old Vietnam war veteran... a former US Army Captain with bipolar disorder and PTSD who loves to drink and smoke weed? You do it with patience. You cant make him do anything he doesnt want to do. You can only suggest better options and hope he takes a staep or two in the right direction. The VA is a great place for him. When he is there he is in his element. He is a very social guyt. He loves to talk to other vets. He loves to flirt with nurses. It may sound a little as but the hospital is the best place for him to be. When he first got into the program, he cleaned up and started working at the VA. He was around people all the time. He was doing great. Then the govt gave him a bunch of retroactive sewrvice connected settlemnet money andthings started falling apart. He had a great opportunity there. He could have done something smart with all that money... but he didnt. He blew though most of it. He took up partying as his part time job, made a few road trips to Atlantic City and now he is back in Unti 22 at the VA. back to square not really suare one... square 2345... which is an old, beat up faded version of square one. Time to go. Happy Birthday Keller. Time to go do things to make my life better. To take care of my family, friends, my finances and my future. Get it done. Dont go back to square one.


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