Morning Page #1042345: Good Gravity

Another Morning Page exercise. Let it out. Let it flow. Let it go. Beautiful morning in Southern California. We've had a few over the past few days. It finally cooled off around here, although I'm sure we'll have another blast of heat before Thanksgiving. It's Columbus Day, but I'm not gonna make any comments about that. Most of you know the deal. But if most of you know the deal about Christopher Columbus, then WHY are we still honoring such a despicable and evil man? Why dont we change the name and/or honor someone else on this day.  I don't know. Something to think about. If we are going to change the name of the Washington Redskins then we should definitely do away with Columbus day. Anyway. We just got back from San Diego last night. I had to go down and spend a few days there to visit a bunch of new stores that carry "I and Love and You" pet food. The most awesome dog & cat food ever made. I brought samples and coupons and tidings and good cheer to a ton of san diego pet food locations as well as a few whole foods locations. I had a bunch of t shirts to give away but I only gave those to staff members at Whole Foods because they are actually allowed to WEAR the shirts on the floor. Whole foods employees are always wearing different branded t shirts at work. After spending all day Friday hitting stores and hustling from neighborhood to neighborhood, Kristen and I walked and fed the puppies, left them back at the hotel room with a nice big beef knee cap. Oh MAN do they love to work on those beef kneecaps. Thats what it is. A kneecap. That once belonged to a cow. They chew off beef shrapnel and lick out the marrow and continue to gring on the bone for WEEKS. So we hooked them up with a big beef kneecap to went on our merry little way. We went out for a nice dinner near Balboa Park. Not sure what neighborhood that is called. We went to a place called BARRIO STAR. Great upscale Mexican Food. NIce atmosphere. I had a "Mexican Mule," which is like a "Moscow Mule" (famous vodka cocktail with ginger beer, invented in Los Angeles) only the Mexican Mule is made with Tequila. The food at this place was awesome too. I highly recommend the Brazil Bowl. Trust me. As soon as we finished our dinner, I received a call from the front desk at the hotel informing me that there were a few complaints about our loud barking dogs in the room. I hung up with them and told Kristen that we had to go. So our night got cut a little short. Happy we were able to finish dinner. We've stayed at numerous "pet-friendly" hotels and never had any compaints about the dogs barking or disturbing the neighbors or anything. The problem with this room is that there was a conjoining door that connected our room to the room next door. It basically sounded like the people next door were right there in the room with us, so when they entered, the dogs got alarmed and started barking. I actually heard them coughing in the middle of the night and it sounded like they were in bed with us. It was a little awkward. Next time I have to make sure we dont have a room with connecting doors. The puppies actually travel really well. YES, they tend to be a little barky but they LOVE to go on road trips and stay at hotels. They growl and grumble a little bit when houskeeping rolls by and especially when they stop and hang out in the hall in front of our room, but other than that, they're great. We saw GRAVITY at Imax 3D this weekend. WHoa, holee crapp that movie is intense. Its a great film. It really is. It's a white knuckle ride through space and the stratosphere for sure. As far as writing and acting, it was okay, but the big draw for this film is the way its shot and the amazing, nail biting, roller coaster ride resulting from the insane chaos created by speeding debris in space. This film will get nominated for tons of Oscars, possibly even best picture, it shouldn't but it will. It will not win anything writing or acting related. Its a special effects DYANAMO, but the acting and writing are kind of hokey and melodramatic. I loved the movie. It's a must see. You HAVE to go see this movie on the big screen and if you can... definitely see it in 3D (and I hate 3D), but its not really OSCAR-worthy. Sandra Bullock is fantastic in this film too.... and I'm not really a fan of Sandra Bullock. I actually think she does a great job with serious roles... but I can't STAND her goofy romantic comedy crap. PLEASE Sandra Bullock.... no more corny comedy crap. Its just DUMB. But she is really really good in this movie. Not OSCAR good... but really really good. George Clooney is George Clooney. A little cliche. They could have cast someone else but hey... whatever. Go see Gravity. Speaking of watching stuff, we caught the HALF season premiere of WALKING DEAD last night. I dont know, they are starting to create this goofy community vibe inside the prison and I'm not diggin it. There's just a bunch of goofy interactions between old cast members and new cast members. I'd rather they just go kill zombies, shoot bad people and minimize the cutesy banter. So... the New York Giants are 0-6, how about that? The Yankees finish second to last in the American League East. The NY Giantshave yet to win ONE game and Eli Manning is playing like a rookie begging to get benched...  and I have to watch the Red Sox make an amazing comeback with a Big papi grand slam in the ALCS and Tom Brady throws a game winning touchdown in the Patriots win over the Saints yesterday. Somebody shoot me, please. Kill me and freeze me. Lock me up and preserve me in cyro-freeze at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Arizona, right next to Ted Williams. Wake us up for opening day in April. I could even SKIP next years baseball season because I KNOW the Yankees will still be trying to deal with all this A-Rod BS, so keep me frozen until the start of the 2014 Football season. I'm sure Ted would like to be up and ready for the MLB opening Day in April.... but I'll hold off til September. Think you could do that for me? That would be great. Thank you.


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