Morning page #1,952,001: "Livin La Vida LaLa "

Its that time again. Time to muster up a Morning page, brothers gonna work it out. Morning page with pictures and sounds. Morning page pleased to play out of bounds. Morning page made up of verbs and nouns. It's my morning page... so lets release the hounds. Quick rhyme to kick it off. Gets my juices flowin. DAMN, Its HOT. The entire country was sweltering and I was sitting pretty feeling sorry for my friends and countrymen. I was livin La Vida LaLa in low key low calorie California and now the heat is HERE. All up in my FACE.  It's HOT. Not EAST COAST hot... o that kid of heat wave hot but its still pretty warm. I mean, hey, it was 100 degrees in Beverly Hills yesterday. Those poor poor people in Beverly Hills. I'm in INLANDER. I'm not going for a walk on the beach. I live in Los Feliz. Its hot here too. Thank God for AC. MY old apartment on Hoover street didnt have AC. When the warm weather rolled around I just sat there and tried to stay as still as possible. Te more movement the more perspiration. The more perspiration, the more agitation. If I'm agitated I'm angry. If I'm angry I lose my appetite. If lose my appetite, I don't eat. If I dont eat. If I dont eat, I lose weight. If I lose weight, I get weak. If I get weak, I can't move. If I can't move, I just sit there and tried to stay as still as possible. See where I'm going with this? I'm not going anywhere with this. Regardless, its hot out here right now. And I gotta be outside. I gotta serve up cold cans of coffee to anyone that cares. The puppies are asleep at my feet right now. Its very cute. They wrap themselves up around my feet and ankles, cuddle up and take a nap and make me feel guilty when I have to get up. WE had visitors last night. The woman who gave us the puppies came by to visit. Check on Whitney and Mitchell. She also brought their little sister over to play. She was the runt of the litter. Tiny little thing. Looks like a miniature dachsund. Looks nothing like Whitney or Mitchell... who are part terrier part dachsund. But they all got along famously. They seemed to now right away that they were siblings. They played like crazy. They were all so happy. It was great to see considering we've had a hard time getting Whitney & Mitchell socialized. But HEY, they are like 95% house-trained. So there. Mitchell pulled me aside last night when everyone as over and told me he needed to step outside for a moment. So I took him outside and he definitely had some serious business to take care of. I'm glad he was comfortable enough to approach me and let me know he needed some help. I was happy to oblige. Still working on the short film. I still want to get this garage shot and I want to get a few more shots up on the trails. I'm not going coordinate another super long day, I prefer to go up there late in the day and get more sunset footage. I need more close ups. More footage of Danny appearing and disappearing and more footage of Lynn searching for Danny. I'm actually still holding out hope for some good weather. I want my damn clouds dammit. If I get the slightest sense or the smallest amount of intel that we can get up there in the morning and get some good clouds and dramatic lighting, I want to call the cast and crew together, coordinate and take advantage. Then again, that may never happen. I may just have to deal with it. Clouds or no clouds, I would say 2 more trips to the top would do the trick. We could probably spend one day and focus on Danny and another trip we would focus on Lynn. Kristina, the actress who plays Lynn, is leaving LA in 3 weeks. She will be working The Goodman Theatre in Chicago with a big Broadway director. They apparently offered her the role of Heavenly in Sweet Bird of Youth. So, good for her... I gotta get this shit done before she goes. Did you see that SHARK video? The one where the girl was fishing, reeling in her little piece of sea bass and this big ole shark swooped in struck the line and swam off with the fresh catch of the day. Crazy video. Those people ended up on GMA today. Funny how certain videos get buzz like that and some videos, better, more interesting videos, get NO buzz. That shark video was pretty cool though.The morning page is more of a writing exercise than blog post and its almost never a multi-media presentation.... in fact its not supposed to be a presentation at all.... in fact you are not even supposed to SEE this.... that beig said, Alex shared a video with me last night that I spent a good hour before bed cracking up about. He had been telling me about a blooper reel called "Winnebago Man" thats been out there for a while now. He kept telling me how funny it was  and he couldnt believe  hadnt seen it. So he finally got off his ass and sent it.... after weeks of telling me about it, he finally managed to send me a link.... and this link don't stink. Its friggin funny I think....

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