Morning Page #1,250,643: "Don't Call it a Comeback"

WAKE UP!! It's the morning page. I should have a talk show, or some sort of morning blog called The Morning page. It will be full of scribing and scribbling, most of which are intended as a creative exercise and not for public consumption. People will read "The Morning Page" and look at it cross eyed. I shouldn't even be spending time on a morning page right now. I have so much work to do. I have more scripts to write so I can be finished with all the writing on this new project by the end of the week... and then move on to casting and pre production. We are MOVING this week. So, as you can probably guess, I have my hands full with that. As usual I have my day to day duties in the pet food marketing department to deal with. So there is much work to be done. Mitchell says hi. Don't laugh. Mitchell and Whitney are right here. Very much a part of the process. Mitchell has a piece of Yak Cheese in his mouth and he cant decide if he wants to sit in my lap while he chews on it, or if he wants to hang out on the floor. I'm kind of hoping that he hangs out on the floor because I'm TRYING TO WRITE MY MORNING PAGE. Its not Yak CHEESE. It's Yak's milk. Its called a Himalayan CHEW. Its Yaks Milk that has been dried out and become so friggin tough, that a dog can gnaw and chew and go to town on it for hours and barley make a dent. There are many great alternatives to rawhide out there for your dog. DON'T GIVE YOUR DOG RAWHIDE. Its bad for the dog. It's not digestible. Dogs can spend years chewing on rawhide and not pass it, which means he or she ends up with a wad of accumulated rawhide in the belly, that inevitable needs to be surgically removed. Safe yourself some trouble and some money and pass on the rawhide. Give your dog a bully stick... or... a hardened chunk of himalayan chew... some good ole Yaks Milk. When I talk to someone about bully sticks and what those things are made from, and I can tell the person is totally grossed out, I usually end up recommending a Himalyan chew and they are always relieved that there is decent, non-disgusting option out there. Enough. No more doggie talk. SUPER BOWL Sunday. Coming right up. Classic matchup. Boxer vs Puncher. Ham vs Cheese. Whats it going be? Who is going to win. It will be great to see the game so we can STOP talking about Richard Sherman. WOW. What a shit show that was. Richard Sherman goes over to Michael Crabtree after a great play... which was also the deciding factor in a great game. He extends his hand to the guy he had been matched up against all day. He wants to shake the hand of his rival. Good game. Crabtree shoves Sherman's face and all HELL breaks loose. YES, Richard Sherman got pissed off by the blatant disrespect and he went off the handle a bit... but hey... who cares.... that's football. These guys are supposed to play like BEASTS. That how you win in the NFL. Then he tried to be gracious. He initiated that interaction with sportsmanlike intentions and got slapped in the face. Then he got called a thug. BY WHO? Who said he was a thug? WHO did that? A bunch of idiots on Twitter? Stupid people. I'm amazed that the media gives that much credibility to some sort of social media common denominator. Have you read the comments that are posted on Youtube to certain videos? Pick a video, any video on Youtube and scroll down to read the comments.... and you'll see example after example fo how despicably DUMB the rhetoric is... and this is the caliber of conversation that created the whole Richard Sherman shit show. Enough of that stupid stuff. Get on with the game. The GAME??? I have to side with the Denver Broncos but I'm intrigued. Should be a good game. COULD be a low scoring game, which would actually be a relatively boring game... hence... NOT a good game. Then I'll end up eating about 3 times as much as I would if the game was really exciting with many touchdowns. I'll have to try and steer clear of the heavy gluten stuff and the NON organic stuff. I know. It's annoying. I'm still having skin issues man. I thought, once again, that I was on to something and I bought a new kind of all natural laundry detergent and THAT was going to be my answer. That was not my answer. I back to believing its something that I'm eating that is causing me to break out in hives. I was discussing this with a buddy of mine. NOT your average Bro convo... talking about dry and itchy skin and the beauty products that work best... but we talked about it nonetheless. He said two things that I found interesting. He said that HIS friend Peter took his teenage daughter to the doctor with a similar skin condition and the doctor told them to cut out all Gluten. The did... and it worked. Her skin cleared up and she was stoked. My buddy also told me that HE himself had a skin issue a few months ago that was camping out on his FACE. He was super self conscious about it and concerned that, after repeated failed attempts to fix the situation himself, that he was going to be stuck with these red blotched on his face FOREVER. so HE went to the doctor. HIS Doctor told him that his skin was secreting oils and the oils were irritating his skin. THAT Dr told him to get Selsun Blue and rub it into the affected areas while taking a shower, let the Selsun Blue sit and get absorbed, then apply some super strength Aveeno after the shower. Do that for a week or two and call me in the morning. So my buddy said it worked. No more blotchy face. So I'm trying that and its made a HUGE difference. I had these big red, itchy patches on the front of my upper legs for MONTHS and they are almost gone. It's a MIRACLE. IN all fairness, I have to say that I have been eating almost all organic, staying away from anything with preservatives or suspicious ingredients... especially sauces and salad dressings... stuff like that. All processed and injected with preservatives to some degree... and I've also cut WAY down on Gluten. Its really hard to go gluten free, but I've lowered my gluten intake considerably. So it could be the Selsun Blue and the Aveeno. It could be cutting out the preseratives... could be less Gluten is the key. It COULD be a combination of all. Maybe Gluten or certain preservatives cause the body to create and secret certain oils, or change the ph of certain oils in your skin that turn around and start irritating the skin. I'll tell you what though.. maybe all this skin sensitivity makes me seem like kid of a dainty boy. Some days I definitely feel like a sissy... BUT... I WILL get my skin back to 100%. Maybe its a sign. Maybe its some sort of blessing from the Universe... telling me to stop eating certain things because its bad for me. Especially foods with preservatives. Companies are putting more and more CRAP in the foods we eat to get more shelf life... and make more money... they are coming up with new chemicals and new ways to save a buck... every year... all at our expense. Be careful what you choose to eat. Beware. Be watchful. Be informed. Be diligent. Read labels. The packaged, processed food that you've been buying and eating for 5 years may not be the same product it was 5 years ago. Everything is changing. Some for the better. Some for the worse. Speaking of changing, we are moving. We are leaving or Los Feliz/Griffith Park apartment to live in the South Bay for a while. The idea is to put our stuff in storage. Stay with Kristen's parents in Torrance for a few months. Save our money and get ready to buy something. Ideally back up in the Los Feliz/Silverlake/Eagle Rock/Highland Park area. Talk about change. It's kid of sad to say goodbye to this place. To this fantastic view of Griffith park. Park access included. But theyve raised the rent way too mucb over the years and honestly, we need to get a jump on things, finacially. I wish I could say we are both doing so well that we could afford to keep renting and get some money together to buy our own place, but we can't. We are working hard, but finding it difficult to get ahead, to build a nest. So we have to taker advantage of the kindness and generosity of Cathy and Larry and see if we can engineer a comeback. Don't call it a comeback. We been here for years. Rockin our peers and puttin suckas in fear. Thank you for that Mr LL Cool J. Gotta go. Lotta work to do.


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