Morning Beverage Routine #13

My most recent morning beverage regimen was designed to help me overcome some sciatic pain and some ongoing skin issues that have been popping up from time to time for a few years now. Still a mystery.... BUT... I'm currently leaning towards an anti-inflammatory diet with plenty of alkaline foods to keep my system as balanced as possible... and less INFLAMED... obviously.

I'm not going to get into all that stuff right now but if Google it... you can look up a chart (there are a few out there) that tells you what foods are highly alkaline to medium alkaline all the way to highly acidic.... you would be surprised. Now, it's true that your body pretty much regulates everything you pour into it.... to keep your system balanced... so if you eat a lot of acidic foods... your body automatically regulates and keeps you balanced....

BUT... if you eat a TON of acidic foods and don't eat enough ALKALINE foods... you are making your body work extra hard to do all that regulating. Wouldn't you rather same of that energy for other things? Your body is a complex network of systems and organizations that all work together and sometimes against each other... to keep you healthy and happy. Your body is kind of like the government... or the global economy. Why make all those intricate systems work so hard to regulate your acidity? If you eat more alkaline foods, your body doesn't have to work so hard to keep you balanced and then if can spend some time working on other stuff... like fighting free radicals killing cancer cells... that kind of thing.

It's not that hard. VEGETABLES... are the obvious choice. raw veggies are alkaline. Eat more vegetables. You know what else is Alkaline? Almonds, lemons, pumpkin seeds, sweet potato, watermelon, cashews, kale, KomBUCHA.

You know what's Acidic? Beef, Seafood, Beer, Wine, WALNUTS. Lots of stuff you wouldn't expect.

RAW honey is alkaline. Pasteurized honey is acidic. See what I'm saying? 

So eat more alkaline stuff to counter act all the acidic stuff. We ALL run into and eat a ton of that shit everyday. Acidic foods are hard to avoid. Why not give yourself the best available resources so your body and can do a better job of serving you? 

Ok, I'm spending to much time on the alkaline thing.... before I get carried away with analogies.... I just wanted to share my latest beverage regimen.

This morning I started with warm lemon water. I squeeze half of a lemon in to roughly 20 oz of warm water, throw a couple lemon slices in there and drink that first thing.

Then I do a little morning workout, stretch, foam roller routine... 

Then I take the dogs for a walk in and around Elysian Hills and Echo Park.

When I get back I whip up my special iced coffee protein drink coconut water concoction.

12-16 oz iced coffee from a pitcher in the fridge or occasionally I'll pick up some bottled cold brew (Chameleon or Secret Squirrel) from Lassens or Whole Foods.
(cold brew coffee without added sugar or cream is considerably more alkaline/less acidic than coffee with all the "fixins.")
2-4 oz of NAKED or COCO LIBRE organic coconut water. 
1 1/2 scoop of WFM Vanilla Cinnamon plant based protein powder (PER SCOOP: 17g pea/cranberry/hempseed protein, 250 mg cinnamon powder, MCT's, 200 mg green coffee bean extract, 200 mg green tea leaf extract) 
1 scoop of Amazing Grass "Detox & Digest" (low sodium, low sugar)
Sometimes I add an extra oz or two of spring water. 

I end up with a 20 oz drink in my shaker. I shake that bad boy up til I can't shake it no more.... and I try not to shake it too hard and hurt myself.... because sadly Ive done that before.

HOLD ON.. I'm not done yet....

On top of all those fine ingredients.... I throw back a handful of vitamins....

(I take more vitamins later in the day but right now I'm just focusing on my morning regimen.)

B-100 supplement
4g Arginine
MegaFood "Turmeric Strength" supplement

That's pretty much my breakfast. I may have an apple or a banana an hour or two after that... but thats it for me until lunch.

So all of this is customized for me, of course, based on what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm trying to reduce inflammation in my joints and lower back...  and keep mu system balanced and clean in an effort to get a handle of these skin reactions Ive been having off and on for a few years. That's why I'm trying to go low-to-no dairy and cut down on animal proteins. 

So al this feels like its working pretty well for me right now.

The other thing I do twice a week is I have jar full of a warm water, lemon, apple cider vinegar (3 tablespoons), turmeric (1/2 tsp organic root powder), cinnamon (1/2 tsp), Manuka honey (1 teaspoon), and a dash of cayenne pepper. BOOM. Not for the faint of heart but its GOOOOD for ya. Don't be scared of the ACV. You get used it it. The Manuka honey and lemon mask the taste. Try it. Don't be a wuss.


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