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Another day another blog post...

Forgive my lack of presence here. I'm finding it challenging to make time for a solid, thought out piece of writing. I'm finding it hard to make time for a morning page and post a bunch of jibber jabber... which is one of my favorite things to do.

I've been super busy for the past few months with 3 separate video projects that I'm producing/directing. I'm almost finished with principal photography. This is probably the most Ive had to shoot at one time since I started producing stuff for this client. The "Evidence Project" is the one I'm most excited about. All of that footage has a much different look, I decided to go hand held. My camera ops were hating me on those days. They had to constantly create slow and subtle movements with a shoulder mount. Take after take. All day long. We only shot for about 9 hours each day, so it could have been worse.

Anyway, I think we got some good stuff.

We also have to RE shoot an entire episode. I've never had that happen before. I took some creative liberties with one scene, which they didnt necessarily DIG. They also felt that the performances fro the actors were sub par. So I'm replacing one of those actors and letting a new guy take a crack at this scene. This scene is between a young attorney and a seasoned IRS agent. It's really really wordy. The text is very technical and long. The trick here is the find a way to make all the technical jargon fun and engaging. I initially went with a Hannibal Lecter & Clarise sort of vibe, but they felt it was too dark. We need to achieve some level of sportsmanship and competition with it being too (ANTI) IRS. Bottom line: the client wasn't happy with the results, so we are doing it over. Fortunately I can charge them a little bit extra for the re shoot, so I'm not eating the cost of the first attempt.

On top of all this producing/directing, my job as the Southern Cal Field Marketing Manager for a new pet food brand is starting to heat up. Progress was slow through the month of May due to the pace of training as well as the coordination and shipping of supplies, many of which were back-ordred or held up for one reason or another. I spent a lot of time in May doing introductory store visits and research for local events and pet-friendly opportunities. JUNE.. is gonna be jumping.

We are closing in on the one year anniversary of the start of my short film TRAILS OF GRAY. Fortunately and UNfortunately, I'm still working on that film. Certain aspects of life has hindered the process and muddled momentum, but I think thats going to turn out to be a good thing. There are aspects of the story and the themes that have changed and this long, drawn out endeavor has given me the chance to allow this fill to evolve. I dont want to just pop out a short film so I can say I made a short film. I want this film be as good as I can make it. I want it to be moving. To deliver a message. To make an impression. I will get it done... and hopefully the wait will be worth it. 

With all this on my plate, We are planning a trip back to the Mother Land in July. The Mother Land being North Carolina. Kristen has never been anywhere in the South and we are going to go spend some time with my Mother in Pinehurst and a ton of Aunts, Uncles and Cousins in Hickory... the Huffman Family base camp. My Brother and Holly and he kids as well as my Dad will all be out there at the same time, so it will be really nice to see everyone. Looking forward to that.

Still... I'm finding it hard to crackin. I'm definitely feeling those Post Memorial Day blues. I'm knee deep in that dead week following a holiday and I feel like Ive fallen and I cant get up. Trying to shake the cobwebs.

We DID have a nice weekend up in Mammoth. Kristens family always spends Memorial Day weekend up in Mammoth with a group of long time family friends. This was my fourth year going up there with the Haryungs. It's always nice to get away and its really beautiful up there. The FOURTH year? Wow, time is flying. The first year we went snowboarding. This year there was very little snow. So we did a little shopping, a little hiking and a lot of drinking and eating.

Cue photos....

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