Maybe that's a sign?

Looks like a certain Korean pop star is back in town today. Saddle up the Equus and LETS RIDE. He may be staying til Thanksgiving so I could end up with 8 or 9 days of work... and the day rate is really really good. I had a 2nd interview yesterday for a full time account coordinator/event producer position with an experiential agency based right here in Los Feliz. I have to say, if I were to sign on for a full-time in-house position, this would be a great place to work. The office is literally 4 minutes away. The interview went well, I think. Sometimes you never can tell. The girl who interviewed me had her little dog with her and when she entered the room, the dog came running in and jumped right up into my lap and sat there. It was funny. I could tell by her reaction that it's not something this dog does very often... so I'll take it as a complement. She told him a few times to get down and he just sat there and looked a her. I petted him for a minute and told her it was okay. She said "OK, well thats nice of you... but this is totally inappropriate. I'm so sorry. Pickles get DOWN." He finally got down and sat next to her while we conducted our little meeting. Maybe that's a sign. I interviewed with this company a while back for a different opening.. and obviously I didnt make the cut. I was later hired as the illy issimo field marketing manager and the rest is history. So yeah, I'm hoping this works out. This MORNING... I had a CALLBACK for a Socal Gas PSA. They held auditions last week out in Woodland Hills... which I thought was kind of weird. Anytime someone holds auditions outside of Hollywood or Santa Monica, it's cause for suspicion. Not only was this casting session happening in Woodland Hills, but it was taking place in the guest house at a private residence off of Ventura boulevard. One... and two... and THREE red flags. A Guest house? Parking was only available on a side street two blocks south of the house. That could count as fourth red flag, but I'm gonna let it slide. Seems a little shady to me, but that's gotta be really really shady to an actress. She has to drive out there and walk to the backyard of a private residence? Hoping there's not some crew of creepy guys.... or even just ONE creepy guy... sitting there waiting for her. ANYWAY, all that being said, it turned out to be fine. These folks have converted a guest house to a fully equipped production studio. So once you get back there, you can tell it's a legitimate operation. So first audition went okay. I was happy to hear back from them. They asked me to come back out this morning so they could see me audition with a few potential "wives." That would be actresses auditioning for the Wife" role. The callback went well, I think. I made a few choices. I made the director laugh. Thats always a good sign.

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