Making Something Worthwhile

Happy Monday. How was your weekend?

Worked quite a bit this weekend. I was attending pet friendly events all weekend, promoting my favorite dog food "I and Love and You."

I was at a birthday party for the "Unleashed by Petco" store on Sunset blvd. Networking and spreading the good word about all natural, freeze dried raw food for dogs. Whitney & Mitchell love this stuff. We actually mix up the beef pucks with the "In The Raw" beef recipe. The pucks make the meal a little heartier and the pups just love it. We go back and forth between making food for them ourselves and mixing up some freeze dried raw stuff. When we make food for them we cook up come sweet potatoes, split peas, lentils, add a little fish or chicken, scramble up an egg and drop it in there, add some fish oil or coconut oil, and boom... delicious homemade dog food.

No kibble, Never. Kibble is NOT good for dogs and cats. It's like eating frosted flakes every meal for your entire life. Yes, you can survive on it, but you're not exactly living a healthy one, are you? Think about how its made, where its made and what goes into it and then think about how many dogs develop severe allergies and other ailments. How many dogs... or dog owners do you know that end up dealing with tumors and major system malfunctions when their beloved pet gets older. It happens. It happens alot.

Anyway, I'll stop preaching about making better choices for your pets, but please... make better choices for your pets. You can save YOURSELF a lot of grief and heartache down the road.

Last night, after watching football all morning. We were NOT able to watch the Giants game on TV out here in LA. THANK GOD. The New York Giants are the WORST team in the NFL right now. Seriously. They are the worst. Even the other 0-3 teams are better than the G-Men. the freakin JETS are better than the G-Men. HOW can they be so bad? The CLEVELAND BROWNS won yesterday and the Giants couldn't even score ONE POINT. The outlook is BLEAK... and I'm SICK about it. I went to work with Kristen. She had to supervise a film shoot at her office, so we had to be on site on a Sunday night from 6P-midnight. I dont want her walking by herself to her car after midnight in ANY neighborhood, so I decided to go with her and get some work done. Plus I wanted to be a fly on the wall and see how this production company operates. These guys were shooting a short film in the Blankspaces Wilshire location, a place where Ive shot before and I thought it might be interesting to check it out.

It was somewhat interesting. They were shooting on the RED camera with some serious steady-cam equipment, and they rented a big ole grip truck, which I have yet to do, but for the most part, very much the same as far as the sound, feel and vibe or the crew.

Ive started teaching myself how to edit on Final Cut Pro. Well, to be fair, I've had some quick, basic tutorials from a few fiends and editors who have worked on my projects in the past, but lately, one of my clients has come back with requests for minor fixes in video episodes that have been officially wrapped for a while. Instead of bringing  a hard drive with all the project files and footage on it to an editor and trying to negotiate a fee, I've been sitting down and figuring out how to fix it myself. Some fixes have been easier than others, but I'm enjoying the process. The self teaching and accomplishment process. Feels good. I cant say that I'm in a place where I could just edit my own footage, but I MIGHT be able to get to that point and do some of this editing myself. Pay myself to edit. I would still have contract someone to help out, or split the task, but I'd love to be able to do some of this myself.

Maybe I could start editing my short film "Trails of Gray."

I've certainly spent enough time on the social media aspect of the film, but I'm nowhere NEAR being finished. The story has actually evolved from being a short ghost story to a much deeper, more meaningful piece that addresses the human experience on a physical plane and how it relates to our journey into the spiritual plane. I wanted to bring so much more to this film... sound, picture and performance. Which means more writing, more shooting. I like where it's going.

I just hope that I can make something worthwhile.

I hope you'll like it.

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