LOTS of fudge out there.


Good Morning America just did a story on HGTV's House Hunters. Kristen LOVES that show. We tune in quite often. The big fuss is that the show is staged... or quite possibly FAKE!!


EVERY reality show is fake. They are all staged.

I'm amazed that there are people out there who are surprised by that.

Real life doesn't happen conveniently enough to fit into the parameters of a 30 minute television program... or even the 3-4 days required to shoot all the footage to make up one show. THEREFORE, you have to fudge it to make it work. Producers fudge it. LOTS of fudge out there.


I just saw ANDRAY JOHNSON in a JCP commercial. I cast Andray Johnson in my last corporate/legal video. He played the role of "Attorney Travis Dorn." Right now he is appearing in a JC Penny ad. He is the African American man at a wedding reception doing the robot. Its a quick look, but you can't miss it. It's a fun commercial. I'm kind of jealous. I always wanted to book a commercial where I got to do the robot.

I came pretty close. A few years ago I auditioned and got a call-back for a VONAGE spot. The casting assistant on the project, a friend of mine, called me Sunday night and asked me if I had any music suggestions for a casting session she was running in the morning. She explained that Vonage was creating an ad that would show a woman at her front door, speaking to someone who had apparently stopped by, knocked, and asked a few questions about her wireless service provider. In the background, you would see her goofy white-guy husband busting out the robot or any other pop-and-lock moves from the old school break dance era.

So my casting assistant friend wanted to know what music she should play during the audition. She told me she thinking about playing "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. I told her that I didnt think "Thriller" was quite right and I'd be happy to put together a little mixtape for the casting session and bring it down to their office first thing in the morning... on ONE condition... I wanted to audition.

She was like "You can do the robot." I was like "Oh yes... I can do the robot. She was like "But can you pop? Like breakdance?"

"Hell YEAH I can pop. You gonna let me audition or what?"

So I went down there the next morning. Dropped my special mixtape CD in their little boombox. They rolled camera. I popped and locked my heart out.

AND it went a little something like THIS....

The casting director was like "OH SNAP! I had no idea you had skills like THAT"

I got a call back. Went back in a few days later and busted more moves for a full room of Vonage people, ad agency people and the director of the commercial. They actually asked me to tone it down. I guess I was TOO good.

Sadly, I didnt book it. I saw a dude sitting in the waiting area who was like 6'5" and he was wearing a jump suit. He kind of looked like Buster from Arrested Development. He looked friggin hilarious and I could only imagine how funny it would be to watch him pop, lock and do the robot. I knew right away that he was going to book the job.... and he did.

When the spot finally aired, all you could see was the blurry image of a man in the background moon walking through the living room. So I guess I didnt miss out on much. The audition part of it was fun.

gotta go!

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