Little Whitney had some Weed

One of our puppies tested positive for marijuana this weekend. Fun times.

Seriously, we think she picked up a piece of pot brownie or something at the playground. There is a fenced in sandbox slash jungle gym in the neighborhood and we often take the puppies there and let them run around and wrestle in the sand. They love it there. They chase each other at full speed and kick sand up everywhere. They also love to climb on the jungle gym structures. They are like a couple of mountain goats. Mitchell actually slid down the slide once. We only take the pups there when the playground is empty, of course. They would bark, chase and harass if there were any children running around in there. So there we were, enjoying some good old fashioned puppy play and rough housing. Everything was going great until I saw her chewing on something. Both puppies tend to pick stuff off the ground and chew on it. Usually it's just a stick, or a leaf, or a clump of dirt. Usually, they will spit it out when I order them to drop it. When I tried to get whatever it was that she had... she darted around until she managed to swallow it. You could tell that she felt like she had something really really good because she wasnt letting ANYONE take it away. As we walked back she was fine. When we got back to the apt though, she got loopy, head swaying, she started drooling and then couldn't stand up. Totally freaked us out. We rushed her to the vet...

A few hours and $500 later... we've got an incredibly stoned puppy.

Took her home and she spent the afternoon napping and listening to Pink Floyd.

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