Let the CASTING... begin

"I love the smell of Pre-Production in the morning"

Ew, that sounds kind of gross... if you think about it.

(Lets not think about it)

Anywayyyyy.... ALAS!!! We EMBARK on a NEW industrial/corporate/educational video Producing/Directing journey.....

Indie City Entertainment presents another Law Simulation series. Produced and Directed by James Huffman, these ten vignettes are captivating and intriguing Attorney/Client interactions that focus on Federal Tax Law.

Below you will find the links to the casting site and breakdowns for each character:

Jake Slocomb, Male, any ethnicity, 60-70yrs old. He is a self-made man, having emigrated to the US as a young adult. He is, or thinks he is, a tough businessman and speaks, with an accent of some kind. Not a very likeable character. https://www.cazt.com/auditions/details/?id=11620

Jason Stark, Male, any ethnicity, 45-55, solo tax practitioner. He is very courteous but not afraid to speak his mind. https://www.cazt.com/auditions/details/?id=11621

Susan Shepherd, Female, any ethnicity, 40-45, handled a house closing for Jared and his wife. Professional, intelligent, very compassionate and kind. Tough when she needs to be. https://www.cazt.com/auditions/details/?id=11623

Jared Evans, Male, any ethnicity, 28, Blue Collar type. He works for a cable company setting up internet and cable TV service for private customers. He and his wife just closed on a house and are now having problems with the utility company. https://www.cazt.com/auditions/details/?id=11622

Jim Gionfriddo, Male, Italian American, 25-30, an entrepreneur, with some knowledge of the law, able to grasp the consequences of the legal problem under discussion. https://www.cazt.com/auditions/details/?id=11625

Estelle McPhee, Female, any ethnicity, 60-70, strait-laced, modestly dressed. She is disconcerted by the interview, which she attends at the lawyer’s invitation. https://www.cazt.com/auditions/details/?id=11624

Tulasi (pronounced “Tulsi”) Latif, Female, American of Pakistani descent, 35-39, a lawyer, sharp-witted but noticeably deferential to others. https://www.cazt.com/auditions/details/?id=11626

David Newman , Male, any ethnicity, 40-50 years old. In the midst of divorce proceedings. He is well educated, unemployed, and exhibits no irritation towards his future ex-wife. He is, if anything, a little too relaxed. http://www.cazt.com/auditions/details/?id=11630

Scott Landau, Male, Caucasian/African American, 30 yrs old, tax lawyer, ex-military, Tough negotiator. Worked for the IRS as an assistant district counsel and likes negotiating with the IRS appellate staff. https://www.cazt.com/auditions/details/?id=11628

Paul Shaw, Caucasian, 50-60. IRS Attorney. He is very relaxed in his meetings with taxpayers and their reps but he does see the world in a slightly blinkered fashion because he has worked so long for the IRS. At times, he simply cannot understand how the IRS view of an issue can be wrong. https://www.cazt.com/auditions/details/?id=11629

While I AM required to invite a certain percentage of CAZT approved actors/auditioners to fulfill my "Use of Space" agreement, I will also be posting this breakdown on a few other casting sites. If you are NOT registered with CAZT and would like to submit directly to me, you can send a headshot/resume (and links to samples of your work) to me via email.


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