Lemon Zest and a Writing Contest

You can tell when I'm super busy by my lack of blog posts. I have stories to tell and no time to tell them.

I WILL tell you this. I received an email last week that was being passed around about the health benefits of the lemon, more specifically the lemon peel of the rind. The email boasted amazing benefits calling the lemon peel an "anti microbial spectrum against bacterial infections and fungi", effective against internal parasites and worms, saying it regulates blood pressure. it's an antidepressant and it can also combat stress and nervous disorders.

Wow... I dont really suffer from any of those things.... but I'm always willing to explore natural remedies or simply incorporate things into my diet that are easy to acquire and dont seem like much of a risk. So I tried it. I froze a couple of lemons. I used our handy ZESTING tool and shredded some lemon peel in my water and I'll be damned... I had a good old fashion energy boost. Not the kind you would get from a double shot of espresso, but a nice, healthy feeling rush... like I just inhaled a lungful of straight O2. I cant make any claims about the other stuff, but I think I'll keep tis lemon peel zesting shredding thing going for a while and see how I like it. Currently it's doing me pretty good.

Anyway, puppies are pretty much back to normal after their surgeries last weekend. Mitchell has hot spots on his paws and he is chewing at them. His paws are really raw from his gnawing on himself. Now I'm putting his feet in the tug and letting him soak in an apple cider vinegar, chammomille/green tea mixture. My thinking right now is that he is allergic to contaminates outside on the grass where I walk him. There are several mini-parks around here with groundskeepers, gopher problems and hundreds of dog owners using the facilities... so my guess is that the grounds around here are being treated with all sorts of chemicals. So Mitchell's getting a few foot soaks a day and plenty of bully sticks to distract him from eating his own feet.

I have TWO more shots to finish principal photography on my short film project. I am starting to get the ball rolling on casting for this next corporate/legal project... AND I just came up with an idea that might bring my dream of squeezing a short film out of one of these industrial videos to life....

What if I made it a writing contest? Of course I would have to pony up some sort of stipend or cash reward... but what If I posted an ad looking for script submissions, but inside the ad would the entire breakdown of this new corporate video? I would just request that all submissions include some or all of the characters and locations listed. I would offer a cash reward plus the opportunity to have the writers script produced and submitted to festivals? It's worth a shot right?

I'm going to do it...  and I'll post the breakdown here this week in case some talented writer with some down time might want to tackle this.

ONE OF THESE DAYS, I'm going to squeeze a short film... or maybe even a FEATURE film out of one of these corporate/industrial projects.... it will be a like a bonus track on an album... or a by-product... I dont know... something creative and fun that we can pull out of all this work for ourselves.... ya know?

I just read a really interesting article at The New Yorker online .....

"Tune in Next Week: The Curious Staying Power of the Cliffhanger." by Emily Nussbaum

Read more http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/television/2012/07/30/120730crte_television_nussbaum#ixzz21Sj8S9gF

"We’re living through a renaissance of ambitious television"

Ok... I gotta go.... puppies are chewing on the couch and Ive got shit to do....

Please enjoy a few of my latest jams on instagram....

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