Kristen on the Fly. "Freddie Quell" and My Fantasy Forecast


Watching NFL countdown. Drinking my green tea. Mitchell and Whitney sitting nearby chewing away on their antlers. Kristen is the one flying from room to room right now because she is spending the day with her friend Katherine. They are going to brunch and then doing some shopping. She is not sure if Katherine is coming UP, so she's been flying around trying to tidy up.... wile trying to get dressed and put on makeup. Ive been HELPING, of course.... not with makeup... with the tidying up.... and watching NFL countdown in between spot cleaning activities.... you know... giving Kristen updates on who's active and inactive in which games... that sort of thing.

Here's our fantasy lineup for today. We are co-managing a team again this year. We've co-managed a team every year since we've met and we've made the playoffs every year. Right now, we are 0-2, which is not good, but today.... we turn things around.

Our Fantasy lineup this week IS....

Aaron Rogers, QB, Green Bay Packers (Plays Monday night)
Michael Bush, RB, Chicago Bears
Andre Brown, RB, New York Giants (Played Thurs night)
Victor Cruz, WR, New York Giants (Played Thurs night)
Lance Moore, WR, New Orleans Saints
Demaryius Thomas, WE, Denver Broncos
Vernon Davis, TE, San Francisco 49ers
Matt Bryant, K, Atlanta Falcons
Defense, Tampa Bay Bucaneers

We already got a big performance from Andre Brown on Thursday night from the Giants. We ended up going to DILLONS in Hollywood and watched New York stomp Cam Newton and the Panthers over chicken tenders and hefewiezens. REALLY hoping Aaron Rogers has a big game Monday night, because so far, he has been somewhat of a dud.

We went to see THE MASTER last night at the Americana in Glendale. "The Master" was amazing. I think Joaquin Pheonix might have just earned himself a Best Actor in February... or March... whenever the Oscars happen.... "Freddie Quell" will walk away with the gold. Its his lose... how about that? I think people will have mixed opinions about the film. If you like Director Paul Thomas Anderson's style (Magnolia, There Will Be Blood), you will like this film. Don't expect to be spoon fed a story with all the bells an whistles, neatly wrapped and shipped to your doorstep, but expect to captivated, shocked and exacerbated. You'll shake your head and scratch your head. You'll actually find a few moments to laugh. But the big draw with this movie is the acting. Brilliant work by almost everyone in the film... but Joaquin Pheonix really KILLS it.

Go see the movie.

Kickoff coming up. I gotta go.

(My buddy JJ ruptured his achilles tendon so I'm goin to go over and watch some football at his place, which is actually the place where Kristen and I used to live, with like, 8 other people. Anyway, he is pretty much stuck at home so I'll go over and watch a game or two over there)

Ok, really gotta go....

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